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Reward Employee Service with Imprinted Sporting Goods with Logo

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Most employees aim to stay with their company for as long as possible. Management should consider this and recognize their employees who had stuck with them through thick and thin. Recognition is one of the many reasons that employees will stay in a company and remain engaged. Rewarding loyalty to the company should be incorporated into your company’s culture. Here are some statistics compiled by the Awards Network showing the importance of employee recognition:

  • 51% of employees are not engaged. They’re just there.
  • 69% of employees would work harder if they feel their efforts were better appreciated
  • Only 29% of employees feel valued and appreciated at their jobs
  • Employees who do not feel adequately recognized are 2x as likely to say they’ll quit the following year
  • 75% of the causes of employee turnover are preventable
  • Actively disengaged employees cost the US $483 billion to $605 billion yearly in lost productivity

Recognizing employee service need not cost a fortune. Using promotional products like imprinted sporting goods offers an affordable recognition tool. If you do not have an employee service recognition program in place yet, here are some steps to get you started using imprinted sporting goods with logo:


The purpose of employee service recognition is to express appreciation to employees for their years of service. Genuine appreciation, frequently and sincerely expressed throughout employment, and reiterated during the anniversary date is extremely important for creating a culture of recognition. Showing sincerity and appreciation are often worth than an expensive gift.


Employees remember their hire date. It is the equivalent of a birthday. Remembering their hire date is a sign of being a great manager. It is best to acknowledge their work anniversary every year. Make it personal. You can give a card, a letter, phone call, personal visit, or other simple gestures. Even a few sincere words can be appreciated by an employee. Come up with a system for remembering anniversaries.


Many companies group employees together and celebrate their anniversaries quarterly, monthly, or annually. However, it is best to celebrate the anniversary on the actual day itself. If the anniversary does not fall on a work day or if it is logistically difficult to arrange a special presentation on the actual date, do the recognition as close to the date as possible.


Because each employee has different taste, have another employee do the selection of a nice gift. Offer a selection of gifts offered in various categories covering the broad spectrum of individual tastes and lifestyles. If the recipient is sporty, you can consider balls with logo. However, be creative and do not give imprinted balls every anniversary.


There is no rule for the price of gifts. It will all depend on the budget of your company based on its financial situation and corporate culture. Typically, gifts are increasing in value for more years of service. For example, you can give imprinted beach balls for the first year and then give another gift with a higher value the following anniversary. Giving beach balls with logo is after all a celebration of the relationship between them and the company.


The best gift that your employee can receive is one that will remind them of your appreciation for their years of service. Cheering mitts with logo is something that they would enjoy and appreciate whenever they use it. Imprinted cheering mitts are tangible and will be around for years.


Whether it’s a special banquet or a 5-minute break during the workday, it is important to present the gift in front of co-workers. It is a good idea to let the employee and co-worker know about the presentation ahead of time. During the presentation of imprinted exercises and gyms, have a photo of the employee and their co-workers taken. By presenting exercises and gyms with logo in front of co-workers, it will reinforce to other employees that they are appreciated and their length of service is valued.

Here are some excellent gift ideas for celebrating an employee’s years of service:

Golf Balls. The golf course is a good place for closing business deals. With golf balls with logo, they can practice their swing to be able to play a round of golf with their clients. Whenever they use imprinted golf balls, they will remember your appreciation gesture.

Stadium Cushions. If your employee likes watching concerts or sporting events, imprinted stadium cushions will help ensure that they are comfortable when doing so. Stadium cushions with logo are portable and can be easily carried around.

Umbrellas. Come rainy or sunny day, umbrellas with logo will protect your employee from the forces of nature. Imprinted umbrellas can be left at the trunk of the car so your employee is protected wherever they go.

Wind Shirts. If your employee loves adventure, imprinted wind shirts are the perfect gift. Whenever they go hiking or trailing, wind shirts with logo will keep them protected.

Puzzles. During a long trip, puzzles with logo can help keep kids pre-occupied so you can concentrate on the road. Imprinted puzzles can also be a great pastime for adults.

Dog Poop Bags. For your canine lover employee, imprinted dog poop bags can be an excellent gift. Dog poop bags with logo can be easily carried around as well.

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