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Low-priced Customized Earbuds Imprinted with your Logo for your next event. You're here for quality. It's not always easy, So we take it seriously.


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Buy Earbuds Imprinted with your Logo Custom Personalized at QualityImprint!

Stuck in traffic? Can’t sleep? Working out? It is these kinds of situation where earbuds with logo can be useful. Listening to music can be a great way to relieve stress. For someone who cannot sleep, an earbud will be of great use for putting them to sleep without waking anyone in the process.

History of Earbuds

The early earphones came in two varieties—some were made to cover the ear and another was placed in the ear canal. In 1891, Ernest Mercadier patented what he called the “bi-telephone,” a pair of tips wrapped in rubber that would close the ear to external sounds. More advanced designs were developed for use with hearing aids in the first half of the 20th century. However, the biggest innovation did not occur until the 1980s when the Sony Walkman was introduced.

Why Use Earbuds For Marketing?

Quality imprinted earbuds are handy everyday items that will be appealing to people of all ages. We all know that music is great for stress relief especially in the middle of traffic. As an advertising medium, they will not break your bank. Over the years, traditional mediums of advertising have become more expensive than ever. Many businesses can no longer afford them. On the other hand, custom earbuds will require a minimal investment on your part. So who will be using custom earbuds?

             Health/Fitness Buffs. People who like working out listen to music while lifting weights or doing crunches. Marketing your brand with earbuds with logo will sure increase your brand’s awareness.

             Commuters. Rather than be stressed because of the heavy traffic, commuters just listen to music to cool themselves down. With your logo on earbuds, customers will have a good impression of you.

             Night Workers. Night shift workers need to be up and about during their shift so they listen to music to keep them awake.

Custom earbuds are also excellent as a giveaway item during corporate events and tradeshows. They are also excellent gifts during the Holidays or other special occasions.

Benefits of Using Promotional Earbuds for Marketing

As an affordable medium of advertising, quality imprinted earbuds can deliver considerable savings for your business. The money you will save can be allocated to other aspects of your business. Promotional earbuds will be used on a daily basis so it can deliver continuous exposure for your business. Whenever people listen to music, they will see your brand and remember it. Wherever the customer goes, your brand goes with them.

Ready For Your Logo

Customized earbuds are customizable according to your preference and specifications. They will come in a box so you can add your logo on the box or on the earbud itself. You can choose the best color that will best represent your brand. No logo yet? We can create a design that will help with your branding efforts.

Take your Brand To The Next Level

Our earbuds are made from highest quality materials. You get an assurance that they are durable and can be used for a long time. Quality is assured not only in the products we offer but also in the services we provide. A testament to this excellence is the 5-star rating we got in TrustPilot. Got any questions? Our dedicated account managers are ready to assist you.

At QualityImprint, we offer free quotes, samples, and mock-ups for your approval. We guarantee on-time shipment of your order. Call our toll free hotline at 888-373-9339 and place your orders NOW!


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