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Low-priced Customized Candies Imprinted with your Logo for your next event. You're here for quality. It's not always easy, So we take it seriously.


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Looks can be deceiving. They may be small but a candy with a logo can be a powerful tool for advertising your business. Despite the findings on the effect of sugar on health, the appeal of candies has never wavered. This sweet treat remains a favorite by both young and old people alike.

History of Sweetness

Before sugar was available, candies were based on honey. Although honey-based candies are still used today, they are more often used as a garnish. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, candies were considered as a medicine for calming the digestive system or cooling a sore throat. At first, candies appeared on the tables of only the wealthy. At that time, it began as a combination of spices and sugar used as an aid to digestive problems.

Why Use Candy For Promoting Your Business?

Imprinted candies have emerged as an effective advertising medium as of late. Given the expensive nature of traditional mediums like the billboard, businesses have now sought affordable means of promoting their business. This is where logoed candies come in. Putting your logo on a billboard or newspaper advertisement requires a huge budget. On the other hand, quality imprinted candies will require only a minimal investment on your part. The savings you will get can be allocated to other aspects of your business.

How Are Candies Used As An Advertising Medium?

Printed candies are effective as an advertising medium. They will be seen in reception areas of offices in jars. Whenever visitors chew these sweet treats and like it, they will remember your brand. Candies are also useful as a giveaway item as wedding favors. You can hand them out during corporate events, trade shows, and baby showers. From time to time, you can give them out to your employees to give them some energy boost. After all, a candy with a logo is still made of sugar. So, who can be your possible recipients?

Candy Stores. You can give out custom imprinted candies to candy stores. These establishments are selling different varieties of candies so why not add yours to their collection.

Amusement Centers. Some amusement centers offer chocolate bars and mini candy bars to people who visit their establishment. Giving out logo imprinted candies can increase the exposure of your brand.

Birthdays. Kid-oriented birthday parties will usually include different kinds of sweets in the candy buffet and your candies will surely add sweetness to the celebration as party favors.

What Are The Benefits of Using Candy For Advertising?

Custom candies offer a lot of benefits when used for marketing purposes. First, they do not cost much compared to billboards or newspaper advertisements. Custom imprinted candies will also give your brand continuous exposure. These treats will be used by your recipients as a stress reliever during traffic or while waiting for an interview or while taking an exam. So, whenever customers chew these candies. they will see your logo and remember your brand.

Customize Candies According To Your Preference

This sweet treat provides the perfect medium for promoting your business. A candy with a logo will usually come in a candy bar wrapper which you can customize with your logo. Don’t have one yet? We can help design the perfect logo that will represent your business to potential customers. We can also choose a candy bar label and wrapper that features your company colors.

Order Your Custom Candies Now

Now is the time to act and give your business the boost that it needs. At QualityImprint, you can bank on getting high quality products and excellent service. We are driven by our desire to guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Find out for yourself why we were rated 5-star for customer service at TrustPilot.

When you have completed your order of quality imprinted candies, we will provide you with free quotes, samples, and mockups so you can see what your order looks like. Call our hotline at 888-373-9339 to place your orders. Our Quality Service Representatives are ready to assist you with your queries. Let us be your partner in showing your sweetness to your customers.