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Get New Employees Onboard With Imprinted Writing Instruments with Logo

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Employee orientation is oftentimes neglected for the very reason that many companies consider it as a dull and boring stuff. However, getting new hires onboard is your chance to make a good first impression. You do not want them to regret choosing your company over others. An effective employee orientation program will help develop a positive impression of your business.

A new survey conducted by i4cp together with revealed that most companies try to move as fast as possible with their new hire orientation. From 597 respondents, 86% say that they have company wide orientations. Nearly half or 46% say that the process lasts a day or less while 26% say that it lasts 2 to 3 days.

The same survey said that the top four activities during orientation are telling about benefits (86%), core values (83%), company history (82%), and mission/vision statement (78%). There is also the semi-obligatory tour of the facility (72%). When welcoming new employees, an employee handbook as well as piles of paperwork is not enough.

Giving out promotional products like imprinted writing instruments can be an effective welcome strategy for welcoming new employees. Here are some steps for conducting an employee orientation using writing instruments with logo.


Before the new employees come in, ensure that you have prepared the following:

  • Employee contract for review, discussion, and signature. The contract should indicate the terms of the employment, compensation, benefits, leaves, and probation period.
  •  Copy of the job description, performance expectations, and job performance standards.
  • Employee handbook which indicates company policies and practices such as health and safety, quality, environmental, security, accounting, privacy policies, and others.
  • Company benefits, qualifications, and costs.
  • Copy of organizational chart (this may not be necessary but you need to make the new employee understand who everyone is and what everyone does)
  • Define the location of their workstation, work area, parking slot, and others. Also prepare their identification pass, key, locker. Or anything else they need to know


Introduce yourself to the new hires and tell them about your position in the company. After introducing yourself, you can ask the new employees to do the same and introduce themselves. To break the ice between you and the new hires, you can play some games. You would want them to feel comfortable on the onset.  You can have them write down their names on a piece of paper using the imprinted pens you provided them. Make sure that you have enough pens with logo throughout the orientation day.


This part of the orientation is all about the history of the company, its mission, vision, goals, and objectives. The new hire will also become familiar with the organizational structure of the company. Using pencils with logo, emphasize the relationship of their position with the other positions in the organization. Go over the company officers and use imprinted pencils to make the new employee understand the chain of command.

Here the new employee will also be introduced to company policies and procedures such as the dress code, reporting and making expense claims, and safety procedures.  The benefits package will also be discussed here. Will the employee have health insurance? Matters such as sick leaves, holidays, and vacation days should also be discussed here. You can highlight this using imprinted markers. If there is a need for computations, use markers with logo to explain.


While the job description may have already been discussed during the recruitment and interview, there is a need to reiterate it during the orientation. Use highlighters with logo to emphasize on the important roles. This is also where the new employee will get to know about the tools and methodologies they will use for performing tasks. Imprinted highlighters can also help emphasize this.


Walk the new employees through your building such as the lunchroom, restroom, and smoking areas. Point out safety hazards and discuss the appropriate precautions to take when entering those areas. Introduce them to the different departments that you pass during the orientation tour. When you come back to the orientation room, you can point them out again using imprinted stylus. Go over the other areas you were not able to visit with the stylus with logo.


Provide new hires with the paperwork they’ll need to fill out to for benefits the company provides. Go over the benefits and let employees know when they will become eligible for various perks, such as insurance, 401(k) plans and vacation days. Describe the procedures for applying for benefits and answer questions as they arise.


Here are some stuff that the new hire may need for their first day on the job.

Crayons. If they belong to the creative department, crayons with logo may be essential for their job. Imprinted crayons may also be useful for a welcome sign from their co-workers.

Pencil Cases. If they belong to the art department, they will be using different kinds of pencils. This is where imprinted pencil cases can be useful. Pencil cases with logo will make them feel welcome right on their first day.

Business Card Holders. The new employee needs something where they can keep their business cards. This is where business card holders with logo come in. The imprinted business card holders can also be part of their welcome kit.

Promotional products like imprinted poker chips can be effective tools for employee orientation. Poker chips with logo can help build a good first impression of your company.

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