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Motivate Your Employees With Imprinted Travel Accessories with Logo

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As a manager, you would want to keep your employees or people motivated. A highly motivated team can work wonders for the organization. Keeping employees motivated is not an easy job for the management. The fact that employees are motivated in different ways makes the job even more difficult.

These days, receiving a paycheck is not enough to motivate employees. As such, management should find creative ways to keep their workers engaged and motivated. Employee motivation is crucial to their performance and to the organization. It is likely that employees would remain loyal if they are highly motivated. Using promotional products like travel accessories with logo can be effective tools for employee motivation. Here is how imprinted travel accessories with logo can help with motivating your workers.


From the name itself, the PERFORM model has to do with performance management. Regardless of how performance management processes are designed in your organization or the culture within which it is embedded, the interpretation and use of performance management techniques is up to you. The important thing is to manage the factors that will contribute to keeping employees motivated. You should also create the conditions for people to perform and realize their potential.

With the PERFORM model, you need to make sure that all the factors are interdependent. For instance, without proper job training, the performance of an employee and their expertise will be greatly affected. It will impact their motivation and their opportunity for progress. The PERFORM model is an abbreviation for

P – otential

E – xpertise

R – esults

F – ocus

O – pportunities

R – esources

M – otivation


Employee motivation starts with helping them reach their potential. In order to raise their performance to the next level, management should find ways to convert potential into performance. For example, you can give them imprinted travel cases whenever they do a good job on a task. Whenever they receive travel cases with logo, the employee will strive hard to reach their potential.


Expertise refers to the skills, knowledge, and behavior that people must possess or need to possess to be able to perform their jobs. It means putting an employee’s expertise to work where they can contribute the most. In order that they can bring out their expertise, pamper them with pillows with logo. When they receive imprinted pillows, they will be encouraged to put their expertise to good work.


Results refers the benefits of training and the support provided by management for the improvement of performance. If performance is about contribution, then support must be linked to results. You should be clear about the results you want to achieve and assess what results needs to be achieved.


Focus is needed in order to do something well. It is important to make sure that employees do the right things and are done well. The problem with individual performance  is that it can be counter-productive especially if it does not contribute to the wider goals of the team and the organization. Offer imprinted luggage bags to keep employees focused with their jobs. Luggage bags with logo will motivate employees and keep them focused on the job at hand.


Performance management plans will remain just a plan without offering opportunities. It is not enough to motivate toiletry bags with logo. Your knowledge should be combined with a willingness to provide opportunities to perform. Giving imprinted toiletry bags can motivate employees to shoot for opportunities.


To encourage employees to perform well, support them with the right resources. The reward for good performance such as imprinted binoculars is an example of resources. They should be properly allocated and managed to ensure most effective use. When you have opportunities in place, binoculars with logo is an important resource for performance based management.


Employee motivation is a complicated aspect of business. There have been several pages dedicated to it. More than just awarding wallets with logo, there are other things you should take into consideration. Nevertheless giving imprinted wallets is one of the techniques you can implement to keep employees motivated.

Here are some tips you can implement for keeping your employees motivated.


Recognizing hard work of an employee is a simple but effective way of motivating your employees. You can send appreciation email and back it up with imprinted timers. You can organize recognition events to honor bigger accomplishments and award timers with logo during that event.


Have a chat with employees and find out what they want to get out of their jobs and the company in general. If they want to get additional responsibilities or transfer to another department, give them options. Aside from receiving freebies like computer mouse with logo, they may also be seeking advancement options. The imprinted computer mouse may not be enough for them so talk to them.

While imprinted headbands can be a good way of motivating employees, you still need to talk to your employees and know what they want. Headbands with logo are effective for employee motivation but even more effective when combined with other techniques.

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