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Keep Employees Motivated with Imprinted Toys and Games with Logo

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Keeping employees motivated can have a huge role in boosting their performance. When we deem a task to be important and valuable to us, we put a lot of dedication and enthusiasm to accomplish it. It is important for managers or team leaders to keep their members spirits up for the success of their team. Motivation is the drive that keeps an employee going. If they are demotivated, they lack energy to be able to go about and accomplish the task at hand.

Statistics compiled by Brandon Gaille revealed that mere 1/3 of American employees are engaged with their work, In addition, 52% are not engaged and does not perform without enthusiasm or care for their work. A study by Gallup revealed that companies spend $300 billion on lost productivity due to disengagement.

As such it is important for managers to keep their employees motivated as much as possible. Promotional products like imprinted toys and games with logo can help managers boost motivation of their employees. They need to keep workers motivated using imprinted toys and games due to the benefits associated with it which includes:


The company will use all its financial, physical, and human resources to ensure that the employees will stay motivated. They will also utilize toys with logo to achieve such goal. As a result, the enterprise will begin to shine as everyone is working hard to accomplish their tasks with the help of imprinted toys.


Motivation can help employees reach their personal goals and facilitate their self-development. Once they are able to meet their initial goals, they will see the link between effort and results. This will lead to further motivation.


Ensuring the satisfaction of their workers is important for every business as this could mean either progress or regress. If you do not offer incentives like imprinted balloons, employees will unlikely not be able to fulfill their objectives. It is the job of the manager to empower their employees through promotion opportunities, financial, and non-financial incentives like balloons with logo.


The efficiency of an employee is not always related to their abilities or qualifications. They should maintain the perfect balance between ability and willingness. To help maintain the balance, a manager can give out frisbees with logo. Keeping the balance translates to increased productivity, reduced operational costs, and overall improvement in efficiency. Giving imprinted frisbees can make this a possibility.


Building a proper work environment focused on harmonious relationships can be key to the success of your business. It will not only bring stability and profits but employees will also be able to easily adapt to changes.


In order to keep them motivated, you need to have an understanding of your employees and how to connect with them. By doing so, you will be able to engage with them even more. But how do you drive engagement? Here are some strategies that can help keep your employees satisfied.
Implement a performance review. If you do not have one yet, start conducting annual employee review process. One-on-one meetings can give your employees a chance to reflect on their work and growth through the years. Discuss what you have to offer. You can hand out imprinted playing cards to them for their success. If not so successful, you can also use playing cards with logo to motivate them.

Face time with employees. Personally talking to your team or employees can be a source of motivation for them. This can help you gain an insight on what they like about their jobs, which tasks they love to do, and what tasks should be limited.

Share your goals. Your production goals should only be shared with producers. For other employees, you can discuss other business initiatives. Educate your staff on how their roles contribute to the success of the business.

Schedule regular meetings. At a minimum, it is best to conduct a weekly staff meeting. Make the meeting fun and lively. For instance, you can add some games to break the ice. Give team members an opportunity to win prizes such as stuffed toys with logo. But more than the chance to win merchandise like imprinted stuffed toys, the meeting is an opportunity for you to assist your team members with their concerns.

Add a new perk. If you have some team members who had been with the company long enough, you may find it hard to get them interested with their day-to-day tasks. You can additional perks to their benefits such as flexible working hours or telecommuting day. You can also give freebies such as imprinted puzzles to top performers. Those who are not performing will be motivated to win puzzles with logo as well.

Offer professional development opportunities.  Helping your employees expand their skill set can help them become motivated. You can sponsor staff licensure or designations or even pay for their class at a local community. Hand out giveaways such as stress relievers with logo from time to time. The opportunity to grow and the free imprinted stress relievers can go a long way in keeping them happy.

Show gratitude. If a client or vendor has had a good experience with your employee, let them know how grateful you are. You can give them imprinted carabiners as a token of gratitude. Giving them carabiners with logo in recognition of their efforts will be greatly appreciated.

Let them handle a project. Give your staff an opportunity to have their names on a project, Let them handle it while guiding them when necessary. Allowing them to make changes could have a huge impact on their motivation. Reward them with kitchen tools with logo for a successful project. This way, other employees will be encouraged to handle similar projects and be rewarded with imprinted kitchen tools as well.

Providing support, guidance, and free merchandise like imprinted chocolates can lead your employees to be satisfied with their jobs and in the process become productive. Keeping employees motivated through chocolates with logo can be good for your business.

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