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Keep Your Employees Motivated With Imprinted Personal Products with Logo

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Keeping employees motivated is an important concern that management should address. When it comes to motivation, the first thing that would come to mind is monetary incentives. The usual thing that management would do is reward employees with bonuses, salary increases, and other financial incentives. However, studies reveal that motivating employee does not have to involve money all the time.

A study by Tinypulse entitled The 7 Key Trends Impacting Today’s Workplace revealed that peers and camaraderie are the top reason employees go the extra mile not money.  The study further revealed that 44% of all employees will organically give each other recognition on a consistent basis.

Using promotional products are effective tools for keeping your employees motivated. Rewarding them with imprinted personal products can encourage them to work harder to not only reach their target but surpass it as well. This is also applicable to your dealers if you are selling some products. Rewarding your dealers with incentives can inspire them to keep on working hard.  Here are some ways personal products with logo can help with employee motivation:


Employees who do great work such as a salesman hitting or surpassing their goal need to be rewarded for their effort. You can either send them an email or acknowledge them in the office. Another way you can motivate them is by offering them performance incentives. Again, it does not have to be monetary rewards. You can give them cool rewards such as imprinted lighter or others that they can find useful. Lighters with logo can be a great incentive for motivating your employees.


Create a warm and welcoming environment for new employees. You would want your new hires to be comfortable and excel in their work. You can hand out a welcome kit which may include a letter, list of key contacts, FAQ, and personal item like sunglasses with logo. This will break the ice and make the new hire feel welcome. Imprinted sunglasses will make them feel they are part of your team.


One way of keeping your employees motivated is to break the cycle from time to time. For example, you can make them work flexi time or do remote work. You can be creative with the techniques for lifting your employee’s spirit. You can invite them to a surprise breakfast, give them the day off, or hand out imprinted personal grooming. You can do a lot of things to keep them excited and personal grooming with logo can help boost their morale.


When employees feel that they are being stagnant, chances are they will become demotivated and go to another company where they can grow. This is where training becomes important. Employees would want that they get better at what they do and if you do not allow them to experience that, then they will find one that would give them that. So create a culture of training and follow through. Reinforce the message of the training with matches with logo. With the imprinted match and the training you are offering they will be motivated to do their best.


Have an open conversation with your team to keep their performance level and keep them motivated. Conversations will help you discover that there are different personalities in your team requiring different motivation. You can hand them imprinted purses to motivate them. Giving out personal items like purses with logo can keep your employees happy as possible.


One of the most effective ways to keep your employees motivated is to lead by example. Sometimes as business owners, we tend to forget to show our employees what needs to be done. So rather than delegate tasks collaborate with them. Watching you in action will give them the boost they need to exert their best effort.


Giving them a company uniform can help give them a sense of belonging. You can include wipes with logo as part of the uniform which they can use daily. Imprinted wipes and the uniform will help the employee save precious dollars for buying daily work wear.


Recognize employment and company milestones as well as personal events like birthdays and special gifts. Offer personalized gifts like imprinted compact mirrors during those events. Provide treats and appreciation gifts like compact mirrors with logo during festive times such as Easter and Christmas.


Create a structured incentive program with clear objectives and rules of achievement. Use notebooks with logo as “teaser,” to stir excitement. Make sure to reinforce the program with imprinted notebooks and other rewards.


Break the monotony by adding a touch of fun into the working day. For example, you can organize a special event during Fridays. Involve your staff in the planning. Hand out imprinted USB hubs as appreciation gift to the planning committee. USB hubs with logo can also be used as prize for the competitions.

Promotional products like imprinted shot glasses can have a crucial role in employee motivation. Motivating employees need not involve money all the time, you can also hand out shot glasses with logo to keep their spirits up.

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