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How Imprinted Food Gifts with Logo Can Be Effective As Dealer Incentive

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Dealers play a vital role in the success of your sales business. While it is the sales people who generate the leads and bring customers, dealers serve as the link between the manufacturer and the end user of the product. If your business were the automobile, dealers are the fuel that will run your business. The success of your business lies on how motivated your dealers are. One of the most effective ways to keep your dealers motivated is by giving them incentives.

By giving out incentives, you are sending a message to the dealer that you recognize their time and attention. As they deliver your products to customers, you need to keep them focused on your products. Having a well-planned incentive scheme can be a good motivation for your dealers. Incentives need not be expensive. In fact, you can consider imprinted food gifts as your dealer incentives.

Giving away food items are effective as an incentive because it satisfies a basic need. Your dealer will be going to and from your customers and they will likely become hungry. A giveaway such as lollipops with logo can give them the energy to keep on going. In addition, food items like imprinted lollipops are universally loved. The recipient of the gift can even share it with other people. Here are some food giveaways you can use as dealer incentives:


Recent studies have revealed several health benefits of imprinted popcorns. It contains whole grains, fibers, and antioxidants. Whole grains are included in the US Department of Agriculture’s Dietary Guidelines. Popcorns with logo  contain healthy oils, vitamin E, protein, B vitamins, and minerals.


Imprinted mint is a popular herb that offers several benefits such as proper digestion and weight loss, relief from nausea, depression, fatigue, and headache. It is also used in treating asthma, memory loss, and skin care problems. Mints with logo come in different flavors and are also available in different packaging.

Bottled Water

Since you are not sure of how potable the water your dealers will drink, giving them imprinted bottled water is the healthy option. Constantly moving will make your dealer thirsty and bottled waters with logo will help them quench their thirst.


Imprinted candies are not that bad at all. In fact, it comes with a wide range of health benefits. A study from the Harvard School of Public Health revealed that people who ate candy several times a month lived almost a year longer than those who did not eat candy at all. This is attributed to the presence of the antioxidant phenol, which is also found in red wine. Just make sure to take the candies with logo  in moderation.


We all crave for imprinted chocolates and it is for a good reason. This sweet delicacy is loaded with a bevy of health benefits. Made from cocoa tree, chocolates with logo  is one of the best sources of antioxidants. Dark chocolate can also help improve health and lower the risk of heart disease. It also contains a decent amount of soluble fiber and loaded with minerals.


Forgot to brush your teeth because you are in a hurry? Chewing a gum may do the trick. According to the American Dental Association, imprinted gums can help reduce plaque, promote tooth enamel, reduce cavities, and gingivitis. Gums with logo also contain xylitol which can reduce decay-causing bacteria. It also helps fight bad breath.

Aside from being an effective dealer incentive, imprinted food gifts with logo are also excellent as a giveaway to schools, colleges, and universities. You are promoting health and in the process will help create awareness of your brand to educational institutions.

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