How Imprinted Sports Goods with Logo Can Beef Up Your Focus Group Participation Programs  QI
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How Imprinted Sports Goods with Logo Can Beef Up Your Focus Group Participation Programs

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Getting participants for a focus group can be challenging. Your prospective attendees might be busy and will make time for your event. For this reason, the first thing that will come to the mind of your prospective participant is “What’s in it for me?” This is where imprinted sports goods with logo come in. At the end of the session, you would need to give them some kind of token or souvenir for going out of their way to participate in your focus group. This serves as your way of taking them for the time they spent to attend your event.

If your focus group is sports-related, there are several giveaway items you can consider as token to the participants. Here are some suggested freebies for your event:


Games with balls have been depicted on Egyptian monuments and are played by aboriginal tribes. Playing ball games is a great way to keep tabs of your fitness and health. There is a plethora of imprinted balls to choose from. There is basketball, footballs, soccer balls, and others. Balls with logo can be used individually or with a group.

Beach Balls

The beach ball is believed to have been invented by Jonathan DeLonge in 1938. The original ball are thought to have been about the size of a hand. An excursion or trip to the beach will never be complete without beach balls with logo. Young and old people alike will love these imprinted beach balls.

Cheering Mitts

Show off your team spirit with cheering mitts with logo. Boost the morale of your players and show some love to them. When your team is behind on the court, cheer them up so they can get back in the game and go for the win. Imprinted cheering mitts are available in different styles to choose from.

Exercises and Gyms

Staying fit need not be expensive on your part. You do not have to be tied up with expensive gym memberships. Exercises and gyms with logo offer an affordable way to stay fit and in tip top shape. You can carry these imprinted exercises and gyms wherever you go so you can still stay fit.

Golf Balls

What do Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods have in common? They are champion professional golf players. But before they achieved greatness, they needed practice and hard work. You can become the next Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus through constant practice using golf balls with logo. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to become like these golf greats. You can practice your swing using imprinted golf balls.

Stadium Cushions

When watching sporting competitions and the gym or stadium is packed, standing for a long time can be discomforting. This is where imprinted stadium cushions can come in. You can bring them to the venue and sit on the grass. Stadium cushions with logo can also serve as protection when the stadium seat is already very hot.


The forces of nature can ruin the experience of watching your favorite sports team. With imprinted umbrellas, however, you can continue cheering for your team regardless of whether it’s raining or sunny. Umbrellas with logo come in different sizes and styles that suits your personal preference.

Sports goods with logo are not just designed as a giveaway for focus group participations. You can also hand them out as a freebie during sports-themed events such as intramurals or company sportsfest. They are also the perfect giveaway during corporate events or trade shows.  

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