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Promote Your Company Store with Imprinted Drinkware with Logo

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E-commerce has shaped the way people shop for products that they like. With the influx of online shopping platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Shopify, looking for merchandise to buy has become much easier. Now, shoppers can browse, place an order, and pay for their purchase in one sitting. With online shopping, you are free from having to worry about going to a physical store to check out your product. This is advantageous for people who are too busy to find time to go to a shopping mall or department store.

Despite this convenience, however, many customers are not yet ready to abandon buying from a brick and mortar store. In fact, a new study by the Pew Research Center revealed that many Americans still prefer buying items from a physical store. While 8 in 10 Americans are online shoppers, 64% indicate that, all things being equal, they prefer buying from brick-and-mortar stores to buying online. In addition, 65% of Americans typically compare the prices they can get in stores with the price online and choose whichever option is the cheapest. So while sales in e-commerce stores continue to grow, Americans still do bulk shopping in physical stores.

Given these statistics, it is important for you to still promote your company store to customers. They may be buying drinkware with logo from an online store but you can still drive them to your physical store. Here are the benefits that can be derived from buying imprinted drinkware from an actual store:


Nothing can top holding imprinted ceramic mugs in your hand and seeing the minute details of the product, something that is absent from online stores. This fact was one of the findings of the Pew Research Center study. 78% of consumers would like to try our ceramic mugs with logo in person before buying it. With a physical store, consumers can do just that. These stores are now working to make their in-store customer experience more efficient.


Nowadays, retailers that started online are using physical stores not just as a showroom but as a storage and shipping center to back-up their online business. Now, instead of just one warehouse facilitating orders of mugs with logo, storefronts have now put in place e-tailers to reduce shipping time and cost. Aside from that, retailers are now trying to improve their customer service to better meet consumer schedules and changing needs. Now, it Is more convenient to return imprinted mugs physically than remotely.


As the shift to transaction-based retailing to relationship-based goes on, Americans are looking for more than just buying imprinted cups. Now, they are looking to connect and build rapport with companies they do business with. With online stores, it is hard to provide this because you are just transacting business on a computer screen or smartphone. For this reason, online retailers are now depending on their physical stores as a channel for engaging with customers who buy cups with logo in order to build lasting relationships with them.

Now that you have an idea of the benefits of owning a company store, it is important to make your shop stand out from the competition in order to attract new customers. Here are some recommended measures you can implement:


Every business aims to appear on the top page of search results. While your target is to have an online presence, you do not have to target the global market. For your company store, focus on the local community. An article published in the Wordstream Blog revealed that 75% of users who do a local search visit stores within 5 miles. The business address, phone number and hours of operation are the main information users look for when looking for a store where they can buy tumblers with logo. Set up your website to rank high not only for your business name but also on the search terms they use to find imprinted tumblers to buy.


There are several perks that you can offer in your brick-and-mortar store that ecommerce stores just cannot. Online stores allocate at least a day for shipping but usually more. With a physical store, the sale of imprinted glasses is much faster. Also, with brick-and-mortar stores, your customers will be more confident that they can refund or exchange the glasses with logo they purchased quickly instead of shipping it back to the online retailer.


While the ability to shop on your pajamas is tough to beat, brick-and-mortar stores can aim to beat that with excellent customer service. Customers will come to your store looking for water bottles with logo and a favorable shopping experience. If you are able to do that, that customer will be loyal to your store. You can hold events or contests and award imprinted water bottles as a prize for the winner.


You can recreate the appealing atmosphere of your brick and mortar store online. Aside from your website, leverage the power of social media. You can put bits of information about imprinted travel mugs and add some promotions as well. Use your website and social media to reinforce the popularity of the travel mugs with logo you are offering.


Don’t assume that customers will not know that the drawstring bags with logo they purchased from you is of low quality. Think of your customers and what will they feel if the same imprinted drawstring bag they purchased from you did not last long. It will reflect on your store and it could create a bad precedent which could affect your business.


Don’t think of your customers as just numbers on spreadsheets. Whenever they buy imprinted auto emergency kits from your store, get to know them better. Building a relationship with your customer should be your main goal. That is the key for making them buy auto emergency kits with logo from your store over and over again.

The best way to make your company store stand out is to offer them something that your competitors cannot. You can be creative with your strategies. Using promotional products like pencils with logo offers versatility for promoting your store. Imprinted pencils will carry your logo so customers will easily remember it.

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