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Organize A Focus Group Discussion With Imprinted Housewares with Logo

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In a competitive industry, understanding the market and the competition can give you an edge. Are you launching imprinted houseware products or want to know your existing customers better? This is where focus group discussions (FGD) come in. Through an FGD, you will be able to gain valuable insight from your customers about imprinted housewares with logo.

In a focus group discussion, you will bring together a group of potential customers for an hour or two. FGD is like a market research that can prove useful if you are seeking some funding for your project. Here are some of the steps you need to follow when organizing a focus group discussion.


Before gathering your participants, you first need to determine your goal for organizing the focus group. Are you trying to establish a market for kitchen tools with logo? Are you seeking for a specific direction on marketing to a particular group? Are you aiming to offer better service for your current customers for imprinted kitchen tools?


Once you have set your goals, it will be much easier to identify who your participants will be. Your demographics will include gender, age group, ethnicity, sexual orientation, postcode, religion, to name just a few. You also have the option to target a specific group. Make sure that your audience will be appropriate for the concerned product. For example, if your product is imprinted picture frames, ensure that you will invite the appropriate participants. Targeting specific groups will help in gaining a deeper insight about picture frames with logo.


The venue for your focus groups need not be a fancy one, as long as it is easy to find and accessible. Links to public transport such as train or bus stop is ideal.  If your participants are driving, make the proper parking arrangements. As much as possible, look for a venue with free parking. Examples of good venues include church halls, community centers, schools or colleges,. The ideal duration for a focus group is between 60 – 90 minutes. The time and date for the focus group is after work or during school hours.


The ideal size for a focus group is 10 – 15 people. Beyond that and you may not get the proper input for tool kits with logo. Get the confirmation of 15 participants to cover the inevitable 10 – 20% of no shows. As an incentive, offer them a gift such as a voucher for a popular restaurant or a sample of imprinted tool kits.


The purpose of a focus group is to generate rich conversations so it is important to ensure that you create open-ended questions without implying particular answers. “How” and “why” are good questions to start the ball rolling. Participants cannot answer with a “yes” or “no.” Ensure that the questions are clearly worded to the point that they ask only one thing. For example, asking how they want to use imprinted flashlights. The ideal number of questions related to flashlights with logo is between 8– 12.  Give enough time for participants to answer the question.


The focus group is usually conducted by a team head by a moderator and an assistant moderator. The former facilitates the discussion while the latter runs the video camera and jots down notes. The moderator should provide the participants with name tags. They should introduce the goal of the event and how the information about flyswatters with logo will be used. At the end of the session, thank the participants and hand out imprinted flyswatters as incentive.


Transcribe the answers recorded on the video removing the unnecessary information and getting only the essential. Enter the answer to each question into a spreadsheet for analysis. Organize the responses according to categories. Assign each answer to a category so you can easily find the category with the most responses. Finally, you should write a report outlining the major findings and conclusions about imprinted napkins. Include recommendations for napkins with logo on the report.
Here are some tips on how to ensure the success of your focus group.

Make participants comfortable. When participants are at ease, it will be much easier to get the kind of fruitful conversation you desire. You can do some icebreakers and award some freebies such as buckets with logo. This will make them feel less inhibited. Giving imprinted buckets will make the environment more conducive.

Don’t overwhelm participants. Start with the simplest question at the start of the session. The more sensitive and complicated questions are best reserved for the last part. Check your questions for any jargon about imprinted jar openers. Prepare different versions of the questions about jar openers with logo in case you need to.

Get everyone to contribute. Each one may have their own experience about luggage bags with logo. There might be some people in your group that is more talkative than others. Do not allow this to happen instead make sure that everyone is given the chance to talk about their insight about imprinted luggage bags.

Focus group discussions can be an important tool that can help you put imprinted stylus in front of the crowd. These events can help you better offer stylus with logo to potential customers.

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