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Boost Employee Attendance With Imprinted Computer Accessories with Logo

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Employees have the responsibility to attend to their jobs regularly and diligently. Excessive absenteeism and tardiness can hurt the productivity of a team and the overall operations of a business. When an employee does not show up for work, it could cause a delay in the delivery of the task assigned to the absent employee. According to a recent study by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employee absenteeism cost businesses more than $40 billion in losses.

For this reason, you should put in place an effective employee attendance policy. To ensure employees showing up for work, you need to offer them rewards and incentives. You do not have to spend a lot of money to implement an attendance program. Giving out promotional products like computer accessories with logo can be effective incentives for reducing employee absenteeism. Here are some tips on how you can use imprinted computer accessories with logo to improve employee attendance.


Offering free merchandise is an effective employee attendance incentive. For instance, you can offer imprinted flashdrives to employees who have achieved one quarter without being absent. For those who have gone half a year without absences, they can receive $25 to $50 gift. Aside from flash drives with logo, you can also offer other free merchandise.


Every employee wants to be acknowledged and feel appreciated. Certificates and awards make good employee attendance incentives. Aside from the certificate, you can also hand out mouse pads with logo. Tangible items like imprinted mousepads can be a strong reminder of their attendance performance.


If your company has specially made items with your company brand that you give to your clients, you can use it as attendance incentive as well. For example, you can give them imprinted computer mouse. This will only work if you are not giving computer mouse with logo whenever they become available.


Sending your staff to company-paid trainings or other forms of higher education is a win-win employee attendance incentive. They can gain skills and knowledge that they need for career advancement. It is likely they can receive freebie items such as USB hubs with logo. They can use their training to benefit your company and the imprinted USB hubs can constantly remind them of the training they received from you.


Set aside specific days with the time that you will hand out employee attendance incentives. Make this a special day for a company outing. Those who will receive the incentives will be the ones who will attend the outing while others hold the fort. Have lunch, watch a movie, or go on a boat ride. At the end of the trip, don’t forget to hand out imprinted microfiber cloths. When they report back for work, the recipients will see the microfiber cloths with logo and remain with a good attendance.


Gift cards are always a good bet. You can get them in any increments for any store or restaurant. You can also get them online or in any local grocery store. They work like cash which your employee can use to buy headphones with logo. When you receive gift cards, other employees will be motivated to not miss a day so they can receive imprinted head phoness as well.


As an attendance incentive, you can offer lunch on the house to employees without absences. They can order anything on the menu charged to the company.


Offering free parking is another excellent attendance incentive. You can reserve premier parking spaces, covered and close to the front door. If possible, you can hand out special hang tags each month to the employee with the best attendance. You can also offer imprinted speakers to the employee. If the employee with the best attendance commutes to work, you can give out train or bus passes as well as speakers with logo instead.


Rather than handing out monthly or quarterly incentives, allow employees to earn a raffle ticket for every month they have no absence. At the end of the year, you can give out several prizes such as travel cases with logo. You can include one big ticket item such as a trip or television. The more tickets they have, the better are their odds of winning imprinted travel cases.


For employees who do not have excessive absences, you can offer them off time from work. Let them accumulate hours for every week they have no absences. The employee can take them as approved paid days off. They can use the time to buy imprinted planters. Whenever they use planters with logo, they will be motivated to do it again.

Promotional products like exercise and gyms with logo can be an effective tool for improving work attendance. Imprinted exercises and gyms can be a good motivator for other employees.

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