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Improve Employee Attendance Using Imprinted Drinkware with Logo

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There are many factors that contribute to absenteeism and not just sickness or time off. It could be that the employee is experiencing low morale, boredom, poor management, and stress. Here are some statistics from a survey by Career Builder that your HR Department should be aware of regarding employee attendance:

  • 38% of employees have called in sick even when feeling well in the past year, up from 28 percent in 2014.
  • 26% of those who were surveyed said they needed to relax and 21% said they will catch up on sleep.
  • 27% of those with PTO still feel obligated to make an excuse
  • 54% said they have gone into work even when sick because they feel the work wouldn’t get done otherwise.

According to Absenteeism: The Bottom Line Killer, a publication of workforce solution company Circadian, unscheduled absenteeism costs employers roughly $3,600 a year and $2,650 a year for hourly workers and salaried employees, respectively. If your company is experiencing low employee attendance, it is time to create an attendance policy. It does not have to be overwhelming on your part. You can use promotional items like imprinted drinkware to improve employee attendance in your company. Here are some tips for enhancing attendance using imprinted drinkwares with logo.  


When employees have a good relationship with their supervisors, they are less likely to take a time off. Foster positive interaction by recognizing and appreciating your employees by giving them ceramic mugs with logo. Foster a healthy work environment with well-lit work space and inviting break and lunch areas. Imprinted ceramic mugs will make employees feel comfortable at work.


Your employees can be a resource of information for improving your business and office morale. You should create an atmosphere where employees feel safe in asking questions or expressing concerns by listening to what they have to share about imprinted mugs. By listening to what your employees have to say about mugs with logo, you let them know you value them.


To be effective, rewards need to have value to the employee. The most common form of reward is monetary but giving cups with logo can be an appealing option. Other rewards allow employees to earn points toward services, extra time off, concert tickets, electronic devices, or imprinted cups. Rewards give employees something to work toward while recognizing them for a job well done.


A study from the University of Pennsylvania’s Human Resources Department revealed that 85 percent of all workers have family responsibilities and 25 percent are taking care of elderly parents. By implementing a flexible work schedule, it will help reduce tardiness, absenteeism, and turnover.  It also helps improve productivity and morale.


Encouraging employee wellness will not only boost employee satisfaction but also will keep workers stronger and healthier to avoid unnecessary absences. Invest in an employee wellness program which could include an education program or a gym membership. Encourage your employees to participate in these programs by giving them imprinted tumblers. When employees receive tumblers with logo, they will be motivated to practice wellness themselves.


Sometimes employee absenteeism is caused by the lack of understanding of the severity of how missing work can bring to employees. Make sure that they understand the importance of consistent attendance to the company and maintain a strict policy of the consequences of missing excessive amount of work. Make the repercussions clear and unwavering. It does not have to be threatening or a personal attack but simply doing what is necessary to keep the company productive.


Make the workplace a place of pride and accomplishment by making employees enjoy going to work every day. This is an important and often overlooked facet of employee attendance that can help improve your employee’s productivity on glasses with logo. Keep your team members motivated by rewarding them with imprinted glasses.  


When employees don’t feel slighted by work, they won’t feel the need to be absent from their work. Providing them with a flexible schedule, a reasonable vacation and sick day package, other work benefits, and rewarding them with imprinted water bottles will show employees that you value them. Encouraging employees with water bottles with logo will motivate them to further dedicate themselves to your company.


Talk to absentee employees to find out why they are missing work before it becomes an issue. If you can provide them with assistance to resolve the issue, you can save you and your employees the stress of frequent absences. Encourage them to open up to you by giving them travel mugs with logo. By receiving imprinted travel mugs, you can help resolve the issue of employee absenteeism.


Low morale can cause your employees to be absent from your work. As much as possible, spend your time every week to boost the morale of your employees. Ensure that your employees have regularly scheduled breaks throughout the day. Offer group lunches, give out imprinted stain removers for completing projects or other incentives. Create a positive environment that rewards hard work with stain removers with logo to boost employee morale.


High levels of stress can cause an employee to avoid working. Ensure that your employee has even workload and can complete tasks related to wine aerators with logo given to them. Create teams that can accomplish projects on imprinted wine aerators instead of assigning one employee to an entire task. By reducing workloads and assigning the right people, the employee will have reduced stress levels in the office.

Improving employee attendance is crucial to your business operations. Giving out imprinted crayons can help reduce employee absenteeism. Whenever they receive crayons with logo, they will feel valued and inspired to work.

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