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Improve Employee Attendance with Imprinted Personal Products with Logo

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Employee absenteeism can be a major issue that can affect organizations. While getting sick or time off is needed by every employee, there are other factors that can contribute to excessive absenteeism. 1 or 2 people getting absent from work is okay but when several are absent, it can have a huge impact on your organization. According to “Äbsenteeism: The Bottom Line Killer,” unscheduled absenteeism costs roughly $3,600 annually for each hourly worker and $2,650 each year for salaried workers. For this reason, it is important for organizations to reduce employee absenteeism. Promotional products like personal products with logo can be used in reducing the number of absent employees.  Here are the steps for improving employee attendance using imprinted personal products with logo:


According to Gallup’s 142-country study on the State of the Workplace, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work.  This translates to just 1 in 8 workers or 180 million employees in the countries studied are psychologically committed to their work and likely to make positive contributions to their organizations.  As a manager, you should get to the bottom of the reason your employees are disengaged.

Understand the reason for discontent. There are many factors that contribute to the discontent. If you have an employee that has already left their jobs, you can conduct an exit interview to find the reason for quitting. Such interviews can help you identify the reasons for leaving a job and implement changes before more people leave.

Help employees find meaning in their work. Employees need to believe in what they are doing. At first, they might have apprehensions to share. Encourage them to speak out. Give them imprinted lighters for the input they will give. Similarly, you can give out lighters with logo to other employees who will share their thoughts.

Add fun to work. Another reason employees decide to leave work is because they are not having fun working. Make the workplace enjoyable and more creative. You can do team building activities and award sunglasses with logo. You can add some games once in a while and allow employees win imprinted sunglasses.

Recognize hard work. Recognition can contribute to employee motivation. Reward your people for their progress by giving them imprinted personal grooming.  When they receive personal grooming with logo, they are more likely to enjoy their work.


Encouraging employees to stay healthy can also be effective in reducing absenteeism. If you do not have an employee wellness program in place yet, it is high time to have one. Studies suggest that such programs can reduce lost work days by 80%. It does not have to be costly on the part of the employee. It could be as simple as playing sports after shift.


Unauthorized absences can be troubling for management. If you own a small business, it could translate to shortage of available people to complete an assigned task. Give your employees an assurance that they can get a time off when they need it or you can implement a flexi-work schedule. Give rewards such as matches with logo to personnel who will not incur absence within a certain period. Rewarding employees with items such as imprinted matches can help reduce unauthorized absences.


By fostering a positive working atmosphere, you can reduce the number of employees taking time off. Giving recognitions and appreciation to employees can help build positive interactions. Strengthen team spirit by giving free items like imprinted purses. Creating a healthy environment with well-lit workspace and appealing break and lunch areas and constantly giving purses with logo promotes a comfortable atmosphere at work.


Employees can be a source of information on improving business and office morale. Management should create an atmosphere where employees can feel safe in asking questions or expressing concerns by listening to what they have to share. You do not have to respond to every information. Encourage participation by giving wipes with logo. You can also ask for feedbacks or conduct surveys. Every participant can receive imprinted wipes for giving their feedback.


Rewards can have a huge impact on the performance of employees. However, for it to be effective, the reward needs to be valuable to the employee. While monetary bonus is the usual reward, there are other non-monetary rewards such as imprinted compact mirrors. Management can give compact mirrors with logo as a reward for a job well done.


A flexible work schedule is perfect for employees who have family responsibilities. It has been proven to reduce absenteeism and turnover and can improve productivity and morale. It can also result to lower overhead costs.


Some organizations have a rewards scheme that gives employees a bonus for zero unplanned absences in a 12-month period. You can incorporate attendance into the annual performance appraisal that can entitle employees to merit increases. Aside from monetary rewards, you can also award merchandise such as wine stoppers with logo. The financial reward and the tangible item like imprinted wine stoppers can be a good motivator for the employee not to be absent.


Employee assistance programs can help workers deal with personal issues that might affect their attendance. It will not only help employees through difficult times but also make them feel valued. Giving them imprinted plug-in chargers will make them see that you value them. Plug-in chargers with logo will give them a constant reminder of how you value employees.

Giving out promotional items like frisbees with logo can be an excellent tool for improving employee attendance. The recipient of imprinted frisbees will see how you value them as an employee.

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