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Attract Customers to Your Trade Show Booth Using Imprinted Computer Accessories with Logo

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Trade shows attract thousands of visitors every day. As a business owner, you should take advantage of the opportunity and make your presence felt during the show. The trade show will offer you an opportunity to grow your customer list and establish partnerships. According to data from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), 88 percent of the attendees at a trade show haven’t been seen by a member of a company’s sales staff in the previous year and 70 percent plan to buy one or more products. Given these staggering figures, it is important to make the most out of your trade show attendance. If you are a company selling imprinted computer accessories, here is how you can boost sales of computer accessories with logo by attending trade shows.


In order to attract potential customers of  flashdrives with logo to your booth. You need to find prime location booths. While this may entail additional charges on your part, it will give your business a lot of benefits. By positioning your booth on prime locations, your imprinted flashdrives will sell out fast. This is something you should negotiate with the organizer.


You can attract buyers of imprinted mousepads to your booth by enhancing its look. Use bright colors and put effort into the design of your booth. It will make a huge difference in customers stopping by or ignoring your booth. Make your messaging on mouse pads with logo clear and make sure that it can be seen from every direction as well as near and far.


Aside from having the right look and appealing design, ensure that your booth is approachable. Start it off with smiling booth attendants. You do not want your customers losing interest to buy computer mouse with logo because they got turned off with one of your staff.  Aside from that, you can add a presentation or demo of your imprinted mouse on an HD screen or tablet.


Consider having booth hosts who is trained to answer simple questions about imprinted USB hubs can help drive leads and sales to your business. Train your staff about USB hubs with logo so they can confidently answer the questions. You could also use entertainers such as models, magicians, singers,  and others to spice up your booth.


Highlight show specials so buyers will be informed that they need to buy microfiber cloth with logo at the show to be able to avail of the discount or special offer. Make sure that your show offer for imprinted microfiber cloth is posted clearly.


Organizing contests and special promotions can drive visitors to your booth. The chance of winning imprinted headphones will surely appeal to the guest. Just make sure that you require something from your visitors so they will be able to win headphones with logo.


Offer something valuable to your trade show attendees. For example, if you are a technological company, you can offer them the latest speakers with logo. You can give them an opportunity to try out and test imprinted speakers.


Visitors in your booth may already be tired from all those walking around and they will surely appreciate drinks or snacks that you will serve. Water bottles or imprinted mugs will help remind customers of where the drinks came from. Likewise, any drinks served on mugs with logo should be in line with your company culture or theme.


You should already have a social media marketing strategy for puzzles with logo during the show. One way to capitalize on social media is to engage people who have checked in or mention the event on social media. Invite them to your booth and offer a special incentive scheme for a chance to win imprinted puzzles.


What would trade shows be without giveaway items like imprinted umbrellas. However, you need to choose the right giveaway to ensure worthwhile investment. Umbrellas with logo will be kept for a long period of time.

Trade Shows are held throughout the year so make the most out of these events to promote your business and target potential customers. It can be a little daunting if you are attending for the first time. However, with a little planning and good research, you can make your trade show participation truly worthwhile. Just follow these tips and you will never go wrong with trade shows.

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