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Generate Traffic During A Tradeshow With Imprinted Clocks, Calendars & Planners with Logo

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Planning for a trade show can be stressful. It may mean sleepless nights planning and worrying about your finances. While the stress can be one of the reasons that will stop you from taking part in them, the potential of your brand getting mileage and recognition from such an event is something you cannot simply ignore. Think of the number of decision makers you will meet face-to-face.

Trade shows are one of the most effective ways you can increase awareness for your brand and market your products or services to your target market. It can deliver huge return of investment (ROI) for your business. Established businesses and start-up companies can be an effective vehicle for enhancing brand recognition, generate traffic, and drive revenue.

Attending trade shows provides the perfect opportunity for instantly projecting your corporate image and message through display graphics and design. Your ultimate goal is to drive interest at first glance and draw in potential buyers to your booth. Giving out imprinted clocks and watches  during a tradeshow can help you achieve your goal of generating traffic to your business. Here are some reasons you should consider attending trade shows with imprinted clocks, calendars & planners with logo:


One survey revealed that 79% of people who received a promotional product like a clock with logo during a trade show did business with the advertiser. The same survey found that 56% had a favorable impression. Imprinted clocks are taken out of the trade show venue giving you additional advertising to non-attendees.


8 out of 10 people who received calendars with logo during a trade show report a willingness to engage with the advertiser. Including your contact information on imprinted calendars will make it easier for new or returning customers to seek for your products or services.


Promotional products like imprinted planners are kept by the recipients for a long time. Family members and colleagues of the recipient will see your brand regularly keeping it at the top of their mind should they want to avail of planners with logo again.


For a minimal budget, giving out journals with logo can deliver huge return of investments. If you do not have a budget for print, radio, or television advertisements, imprinted journals can offer an affordable alternative.


When it comes to choosing the right trade show giveaway, not all promotional products will be appropriate. Before investing on a giveaway for your tradeshow, there are certain considerations you should bear in mind:

  • Your goal for the event. What is your purpose for giving imprinted notebooks? You may want to increase brand awareness, strengthen customer loyalty, attract new customers, or thank current customers, or other goals. Giving out notebooks with logo will be dictated by what you want to achieve during the tradeshow.
  • Your overall branding efforts. If handing pens with logo is completely unrelated to your industry or company, it is less likely that people will associate it with your brand, For example, if you are a school supplier, it may be better for you to give out imprinted pens.
  • The value of the product to their work or interest. The main reason people keep promotional gifts like pens with logo is that they are useful. If the recipient will not find any value with the imprinted pen you are giving them, consider other ideas. If you are not sure what to give to your audience, you can do some research about your target demographic.
  • Convenience in distributing. Keep in mind that trade show visitors are always on the go. It is important to give out something that can be easily carried around like imprinted bandannas. You should also consider the number of items you will hand out and to what context. Will you give out bandanas with logo to everyone who stops by your booth? Will you give it as a prize for contest winners in your booth.

Tradeshows are the perfect venue for people to become aware of your brand. Giving out air fresheners with logo can be a great way to take advantage of the potential leads that you will generate from the event. Imprinted air fresheners offer the perfect tool for bringing traffic to your website.

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