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Bucket Hats

Low-priced Customized Bucket Hats Imprinted with your Logo for your next event. You're here for quality. It's not always easy, So we take it seriously.


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Buy Bucket Hats Imprinted with your Logo Custom Personalized at QualityImprint!

Combining function and style, the bucket hat is a fashion item that never goes out of style! In terms of function, it is the perfect hat to use for outdoor sports and activities as it protects the neck and upper back from sunburn. Bucket hats are also fashionable: worn by pop culture idols such as Hunter S. Thompson, Elton John, and Indiana Jones himself, it has made a comeback in music festivals and indie music events. However, this item is so much more than what meets the eye.

Also called a “session hat”, “fisherman’s hat” or “Irish country hat”, this convenient apparel is a must-have in any outdoorsman’s closet. Frequent festival goers also go for this hat to make a statement, or to add an automatic quirk factor to any ensemble, but did you know that it was originally designed for practical purposes?

It was used by farmers and fishermen as protection from the rain and was, in fact, originally crafted from raw wool which is a waterproof material. The 1960s was a revolutionary decade in a lot of aspects—including the bucket hat. Designers from this era repurposed and redesigned this humble headpiece as a trendy item. It’s an accessory that was created to add a modernist flair to a budding trend—a distinct identifying marker for the members for a movement later known as the “Mod subculture”. It gained its universal status as it was worn by rappers, and took on another relevance in the hiphop scene. It remained a popular street fashion up to the 1990s.

The significance of the bucket hat doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, so why not take advantage of it?

Use it to promote your business by imprinting your company or organization logo, brand, or message—a trendy and high-quality marketing strategy sure to be taken everywhere. Quality Imprint offers this handy service to your business—our imprinted Bucket hats are the perfect giveaways for events, campaigns, conventions, and wellness fairs. Outdoor-related business would benefit the most from having these giveaways as a prize for contests, or as a freebie for their most loyal patrons.

Promotional products are tangible reminders that your brand cares for its customers, especially when presented in the form of a much-needed item. Anyone who wears your product will find value in the product—and by extension, your company—whenever they use the product that you gave them.

Quality Imprint items are giveaways that keep on giving! Whenever someone wears your custom-imprinted bucket hat (especially in a high-traffic event such as a music festival), it is visual recommendation for your product or service. It increases brand awareness—putting you on the radar of potential customers. When someone sees a wonderfully-designed logo on your promotional bucket hat, you automatically become one google search away from gaining a potential customer.

Quality Imprint’s bucket hats are the perfect items for the job! With a visor range that would block even the harshest of noontime glares, this item is the best golf or fishing headgear. Our hats are also made of durable materials such as cotton, canvas, and polyester—all breathable fabrics that do not trap heat. They are created to be constantly used even in the harshest conditions and are designed to last in spite of them. Windy days are no problem for the bucket hats that have tight toggle in the back.

We have bucket hats in styles and colors—a myriad of choices that would suit any preference; one for every purpose and intent, for every climate available, for anything a life of adventure might dish out.

Nothing says laid back and chill, savvy and artistic, brave and adventurous, like a stylish bucket hat. Give your advertising a boost by getting quality imprinted bucket hats for your next event. Our goal is to provide your with products that your recipients would love to flaunt, and would always be satisfied about.

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