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Low-priced Customized Thongs Imprinted with your Logo for your next event. You're here for quality. It's not always easy, So we take it seriously.


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Go ahead flaunt your figure and show off your sexy body using thongs with logo. Wearing this apparel can be a great way to show your confidence in the way you look. While often mistaken for a G-string, the two terms are actually different from each other. Thongs are designed to cover the butt while a G-string only covers the genitals and leaves the butt open.

The History of Thongs

While the thongs are currently worn by women, the earliest form of thongs were worn mostly or exclusively by men. It is considered as the earliest form of clothing worn by mankind and originated in the warmer climates of the sub-Saharan Africa where clothing was first worn nearly 7,500 years ago. Many tribal people wore thongs for many centuries.

Why Use Quality Imprinted Thongs For Marketing?

Quality imprinted thongs are effective and cost-efficient as an advertising medium. With most traditional mediums of advertising becoming more expensive than ever, custom printed thongs can offer a more affordable advertising medium. For a little less than what you will spend on putting your brand on a billboard or newspaper advertisement, thongs can help you get your marketing campaign going.

Marketing With Custom Logoed Thongs

Custom logoed thongs will be appealing to people who want to show off their beach body. It can help the wearer boost their self-confidence. This apparel item can make an excellent giveaway during corporate events or tradeshows.

Who Can Benefit From Thongs with Logo?

Thongs with logo offer a wide range of benefits for your brand. It can help increase brand exposure. Whenever the customer wears it to show off their body, your brand will be seen by other people. Wherever the customer goes, your brand goes with them. As an advertising medium, it can bring huge savings for your business. The money you save can be allocated to the more important aspects of your business. Custom thongs can make a great giveaway for the following events and establishments:

Bridal Showers. Want to be horny and funny during bridal showers? Thongs are the perfect giveaway during these events.

Lingerie Shops.  Owners of lingerie shops can consider quality imprintedl thongs as a giveaway item. They will carry their logo and will not break their bank.

Pool/Beach Parties. These events offer the perfect time to be confident with your body. Pool parties are usually synonymous with fun and excitement and you can add to that with thongs as a souvenir.

Make The Most Of Personalized Thongs

Personalized thongs can be customized according to your preference and specifications. You can add a logo or slogan on this item to boost awareness of your brand. Thongs can also come in different colors so you can choose the best color that will truly represent your brand. Don’t have one yet? We can help you come up with a design that you can use for branding.

Quality And Durable Promotional Item

You can bank on the quality and durability of thongs with logo. They are made from durable materials so you can use them for as long as possible.

Get Into the Marketing Game

At QualityImprint, our goal is to provide customers with 100% satisfaction. Quality is not only guaranteed in our products but also in the service we provide. When ordering custom logoed thongs, you can look forward to receiving top-notch and professional service.

Ready to dip your feet into the marketing waters? QualityImprint is the place to be. We offer free quotes, samples, and mock-ups so you can have an idea of how your promotional item will look like. We ensure on-time delivery of your order. Call our toll-free hotline at 888-373-9339 and order custom thongs NOW.







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