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Custom Vests

Low-priced Customized Vests Imprinted with your Logo for your next event. You're here for quality. It's not always easy, So we take it seriously.


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A vest is a close fitting, waist-length sleeveless garment that buttons down the front designed to keep the wearer warm during the cold months. Vests with logos come in different styles and fits. They are designed to cover the upper torso.

The History of Vests

The word vest comes from the French word veste, Italian vesta, and Latin vestis, all referring to a type of clothing. Vests can trace its origin in England during the reign of Charles II. Samuel Pepys entered in his diary that the king had decreed that he will start a new fashion- the vest. It was designed to teach the nobles thrift.

Why Use Quality Imprinted Vests for Marketing?

With traditional mediums of marketing becoming more expensive than ever, quality imprinted vests offer a more affordable alternative. For a little less than what you will spend on billboards or newspaper advertisements, you can get your marketing campaign going. As an advertising medium, custom vests are effective as they will be used on a daily basis.

Marketing with Promotional Vests

Promotional vests are often used in place of jackets for keeping a person warm during the cold months. Aside from the warmth it gives, it also makes the wearer of the vest fashionable and stylish. Embroidered vests are often used as a third piece in an outfit. So who will be your potential recipients?

Organizations. Vests with logos can be used as part of a corporate attire. It can be combined with short or long sleeved shirts which can make the bearer stylish.

Fitness Buffs. Customized vests can be used by an individual when jogging on a cold month. It will keep them warm and comfortable as they go about with their daily exercise regimen.

Personalized vests can also make an excellent giveaway. You can hand them out during a corporate event or tradeshow. If you have a sports-related event coming up, you can hand out a custom embroidered vest as a souvenir item.

How Can You Benefit From Logoed Vests?

As they are cost effective, quality imprinted vests can give you huge savings. The money you will save can be allocated to other aspects of your business. This apparel will be used on a daily basis so you can look forward to getting continuous exposure of your brand. Whenever people wear them in the office or when traveling, your brand and company logo will be seen and instantly promoted.

Customize Your Imprinted Vests

Imprinted vests provide enough space for customizing with your logo. You have the option to add graphics or text. They come in different sizes or colors so you can choose the right customization that best represents your brand. Don’t have a logo yet? We can help you choose the right design for vests with a logo that will jumpstart your branding.

Designed For Quality And Durability

At QualityImprint, we strive to provide the highest quality not only in our products but also in the service we provide. Our logo imprinted vests are made from high quality materials and are designed to be used for a long time like North Face. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your 100% satisfaction. When ordering personalized vests, you get to experience excellent customer service. Do you need help? Our Quality Service Representatives are ready to help you.

Get Ahead of the Competition With Customized Vests

Considering customized vests for your next corporate event? Let QualityImprint be your partner in giving your company the marketing boost it needs. We offer free quotes, samples, and mock-ups for your approval.

Browse our collection of custom printed vests to get ahead of the competition. Call our hotline at 888-373-9339 and place your orders now.