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Tips On Promoting Your Company Store Using Imprinted Office Accessories with Logo

Posted by QualityImprint Admin on

In the dawn of the Internet and platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Shopify, one would think that brick & mortar stores would become a non-factor. Online shopping is far more convenient as it gives you the option to avoid long queues when buying and paying for merchandise like office accessories with logo. The truth of the matter is that having a physical store still matters for businesses. There are still many factors that can drive customers to brick and mortar stores. In fact, 61% of consumers still shop in-store as opposed to only 31% online.  Aside from that, 40% of shoppers spend more than expected when shopping in-store compared to only 25% when shopping online. Let us take a look at the benefits of buying imprinted office accessories with logo from physical stores.


While some shoppers prefer shopping online, there are still some benefits that drive people to still buy merchandise from a brick and mortar store and here are some of them:

Customer Rapport. When buying imprinted folders, physical stores allows customers to see what they are buying up close and personal compared to online stores. It gives them instant gratification because the customer walks away with the folders with logo that they bought immediately. Friendly staff and excellent customer service can add to the satisfaction.

Greater Inventory Options. Brick and mortar stores offer greater inventory options. While a customer may buy desk organizers with logo from a wholesaler but there may be limited inventory. On the other hand, getting imprinted desk organizers from a retail store gives customers plenty of inventory to choose from.

Greater Sales Potential. Brick and mortar stores sell a variety of products and expose customers to items they did not know they needed. When they enter the store looking for imprinted calculators, they end up buying other merchandise aside from the calculator. By offering a variety of items other than calculators with logo in one location, brick and mortar store owners can increase their sales potential.

Less Hassle. Retail stores eliminates the hassle of being charged shipping costs for the sticky notes with logo you ordered as well as having to deal with lost packages, tracking codes, customer addresses, and complicated online sales databases. Retail stores give you the confidence and fewer conflicts when buying imprinted sticky notes.

Benefits from Consumers. As a customer, you would want to get the most benefits from shopping. When you buy imprinted notepads from a retail store, you get huge savings from shipping and also gets instant satisfaction. Also when you have questions about the notepads with logo that you purchased, you get your questions answered immediately by friendly staff.

Now that you know the benefits of owning a retail store, let potential customers know that you have one. Here are some tips for bringing the word out about your retail store.


If your business is not yet in social media, then you are missing out on potential customers. Social media is the most powerful marketing tool nowadays and you can advertise for free. If you are selling notebooks with logo, for instance, you can post related content about it on Facebook. You can build an audience for imprinted notebooks by commenting, liking, and sharing posts within your vertical.


Putting your logo on imprinted journals gives you free advertising. They will serve as a walking billboard that will provide exposure for your retail store. Journals with logo are effective for advertising your retail store.


By working with other local businesses, you are multiplying your traffic. For example, you can offer discounts to a partner business whenever customers buy stress relievers with logo from your store. In the same way, your partner businesses will encourage their customers to buy imprinted stress relievers from your store. This will give your business more traffic coming from your partner stores.


You do not need political or powerful connections to get media coverage for your small business. All you need is a good story about customer experience from your store when they bought imprinted bbq tool sets from your store. If you have just helped abandoned children with their picnic day using imprinted bbq tool sets, that will be a good story to pitch to the media.


Yelp is a good place to have your retail store listed. Just make sure to include photos and a detailed description of your business. If customers had a good experience buying dog treats with logo from your store, they will give you positive reviews and you will be found more quickly in online searches. Yelpers usually follow the advice of fellow Yelpers so a positive review of your store will likely bring potential buyers of imprinted dog treats.

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