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Branded Promotional Items: Auto, Home, and Tools

If you’re in the business or appreciate quality branded tools, home, or automotive products, QualityImprint has just what you need. Have your logo or custom message printed on things people will use and enjoy. Spread brand awareness and a lot of goodwill at the same time. Our wide selection of custom marketing products make great auto giveaways with logo and can set you above the competition with unique styles and eye-popping designs.


Custom Keychains

Set your brand apart with one of our more than 50 styles of unique, customizable keychains, that are certain to leave a lasting impression on your potential new clients and customers.

Custom Auto Shades

Help your customers and clients keep their car interiors cool with our selection of highly-functional sun shades. They’re durable products that fold up easily for quick storage. These quality imprinted car giveaways advertise your business to everyone who passes by their car.

Custom Flashlights

Flashlights also make excellent and often unexpected home giveaways with logo. Illuminate your brand brighter than the rest with more than 20 flashlight styles, any of which featuring your own logo and design.

Custom Towels

Our wide selection of quality imprinted home giveaways even includes custom imprinted towels. These will keep your brand in your clients’ minds, whether they’re beach, relaxing by the pool, or anywhere they need a quick dry off.


Ordering with Us

Ordering with QualityImprint is a fast and simple process. If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, our industry leading customer service team can help you find the perfect branded promotional items for your marketing needs. Give them a call today at 888-377-9339.

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Buy Dog Treats Imprinted with your Logo Custom Personalized at QualityImprint!

A dog is a “man’s best friend.” Some people even consider them as part of the family already. Hence, they provide them with the best products like what every member of the family receives. Dog treats with logo provide your canine pet with the proper nutrition they need to stay healthy.

History of Dog Treats

In the 1890s, A London butcher tried expanding his business by producing biscuits for sale along with meat. After tasting the initial batch of biscuits, he decided that they tasted terrible and gave them to his dog instead. The dog eagerly ate them and the butcher knew he had something good on his hands so he continued to make these biscuits for dogs. In 1908, an enterprising American named Bennett entered his shop and struck a deal. The F.H. Bennett Biscuit Company was established and started mass producing these biscuits which he called Milk Bones.

Affordable Advertising Alternative

With the traditional mediums of advertising more expensive than ever, quality imprinted dog treats provide businesses with an affordable alternative. For a little less than what you will spend on a billboard or newspaper advertisement, dog treats can help get your brand building going.

Marketing Using Imprinted Dog Treats

Millions of Americans are dog owners which makes custom dog treats an effective advertising medium. Dog lovers are not the only ones who will find treats appealing but also veterinary clinics as well as pet stores. Dog treats are suitable for people of all ages. Young and old people alike who own dogs will want to feed their dogs with these treats. Dog treats with logo also make an excellent giveaway during corporate events or tradeshows.

Benefits of Marketing with Promotional Dog Treats

Promotional dog treats will be used on a daily basis so you can look forward to getting continuous exposure of your brand. They are affordable as an advertising medium delivering huge savings for your business. The money you will save can be allocated to other aspects of your business. Whenever people use personalized dog treats, they will see your logo and remember it.

Customize With Your Logo

Promotional dog treats serve as a walking advertisement. They will carry your brand. You can capitalize on its imprint area by adding your logo. Dog treats come in different sizes so you can choose the right one that best represents your brand. No logo yet? Don’t worry. Our creative team will help create the perfect design that will beef up your branding efforts.

Quality And Durability Guaranteed

Our company name speaks for itself. It will give you an assurance of getting high quality products that you can use for a long time. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your 100% satisfaction. When ordering dog treats, you experience professional and top-notched service. Got any questions? Our account managers can assist you with your concerns.

Straightforward Ordering Process

Ready to take your brand to the next level? QualityImprint is your haven for finding the right custom dog treats for your marketing campaign. We offer free quotes, samples, and mock-ups for your approval. Choose from a wide selection of dog treats. We guarantee on-time shipment of your order.

Call our toll free hotline at 888-373-9339 and place your orders NOW. So what are you waiting for? Get custom dog treats now and take your brand to the next level.



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