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Reward Employee Performance With Imprinted Office Accessories with Logo

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Many businesses spend billions of dollars on employee incentive programs. These programs are designed to improve productivity and performance of an employee. When it comes to incentives, the first thing that usually comes to mind is monetary compensation. However, this is not the case all the time. In some cases, non-monetary compensation may be more effective in increasing productivity.

Many employees want to be recognized for their excellent performance. A simple pat on the back will not suffice anymore. This is where an employee incentive program can be helpful. It has to be effective in order to motivate employees and boost their productivity. A well-implemented incentive program can have a huge factor in creating a productive workplace.

On the other hand, a poorly implemented incentive program can be detrimental to your organization. It should be designed holistically without neglecting other key business aspects. Promotional products such as imprinted office accessories can also play a huge role in any employee incentive program. Here are some tips on how imprinted office accessories with logo can help in your employee incentive program:

Keep It Simple. As much as possible, avoid any complicated schemes and long list of goals. Focus on one goal. Over time, you can update or replace your goal.

Use Reward Points.  Instead of rewarding with specific gifts, implement a point system that entitles them to redeem their choice of awards. For instance, they can gun for a certain number of points so they can receive folders with logo. There should be a committee that will manage the collection of imprinted folders for you.

Everyone Should Be A Winner. Avoid giving imprinted desk organizers to only the top performers or a few top performers. The incentive program you will design should entitle everyone to win. You need not set easier goals but instead encourage everyone to perform at their highest level and then reward it with desk organizers with logo.

Focus On The Positive. Make the program fun by focusing on the positive by cheering people up and celebrating success. Set meetings and events where you can review the goals, applaud individual success, and help others learn how they can rise in excellence.

Here now are the steps in creating an employee incentive program:


You may have different goals in designing an employee incentive program. It can be to increase productivity, improve customer service, or other goals. You may set several goals as you may have different goals for different groups of employees.


There are different set of metrics you can use to measure achievement. You can use customer satisfaction ratings, production level, lost-time accidents, or others.


How much are you willing to set aside for the incentive program? For sales team, for example, you can set a certain budget for every unit of production.


Choose the reward you will give. While you can give monetary incentives, you can offer merchandise such as imprinted calculators. You can offer rewards for specific goals. Aside from calculators with logo, you can give the employee the option to choose his reward. Other possible giveaways include:

  • Sticky Notes. This piece of writing material can be used as a motivational tool. Sticky notes with logo can be displayed in the workstation of the employee to motivate them. Imprinted sticky notes can be helpful in making the employee organized.
  • Notepads.  This writing instrument can be useful to employees for jotting down important reminders. Imprinted notepads can be helpful to an employee take note of appointments. Notepads with logo can be easily carried around on bags or purses.
  • Notebooks. Notebooks with logo can be used by the employee during meetings or coaching sessions with their team leaders. Imprinted notebooks can be easily carried around so they can always scan the notebook for any reminders they have missed out.
  • Journals. When they are feeling demotivated, employees can write their thoughts on imprinted journals. For scheduling their appointments or meetings with clients, sales people can use journals with logo.


How will you arouse interest for the event? What method will you use to build up excitement about the program?  How will you keep the enthusiasm going?


Create a list with a chart of possible results charting the costs and benefits at every success level. It would be easier to secure approval of your budget this way.


Set a criteria as to who are eligible to participate. Lay down the guidelines on how participants can claim messenger bags with logo. The rules should enumerate the requirements on how the employee will be able to claim imprinted messenger bags.


Set a meeting for launching the incentive program. Alternatively, you can make a special announcement and give employees a sample of the imprinted sweatshirts and other rewards they could likely win. You can send an email, poster or newsletter and put pictures of the sweatshirts with logo.

Rewarding your employees performance with promotional items like golf kits & accessories with logo can keep them motivated to do their best. The non-performing employees can also be inspired to work hard so they could also win imprinted golf kits & accessories.

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