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Show Support For Cooperative Programs With Imprinted Toys and Games with Logo

Posted by QualityImprint Admin on

Buying behavior of consumers have drastically changed over the years. Whereas 5 years ago, it was okay if company simply did not harm the environment, nowadays, customers demanded more from businesses. A recent survey by Forbes revealed the following findings:

  • 32% of employees would seriously consider leaving their job if their company gave no / little money to charity;

  • 65% would seriously consider leaving their job if their company harmed the environment;

  • 83% would seriously consider leaving their job if their employer used child labor in sweatshop factories.

In addition, a landmark study on International Corporate Social Responsibility conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) revealed that being a socially responsible company is important in employee morale (50%), loyalty (41%), retention (29%), recruitment of top employees (25%) and productivity (12%).

So if corporate social responsibility is still not a part of your marketing strategy, it is high time to integrate it into your strategy. One way you can become a socially responsible company is by supporting cooperative programs. Giving out promotional products like toys and games with logo can be an effective way of supporting cooperative programs. Here are some of the ways imprinted toys and games with logo can help you become socially responsible.


Corporate social responsibility can help create goodwill and build a positive image for your brand. By being a socially responsible company, you can build trust and good reputation. By giving out imprinted toys to charitable institutions, you can build new relationships and opportunities. Giving toys with logo will contribute not only to company growth but also in building your company culture.


When you hand out imprinted balloons, chances are your employees will be more committed, become productive, and satisfied with their job. Being a socially responsible company by handing out balloons with logo will help reduce your recruitment costs and improve work productivity.


By being socially responsible by handing out frisbees with logo, you will differentiate yourself from competitors. When you develop imprinted frisbees that are environment friendly, you add value to the product and gives potential customers more reasons to buy from you.


When you are a socially responsible company, the more likely investors will be attracted to finance your company. When they can see that you are active in handing out imprinted playing cards, it will reflect positively on your management and create a positive reputation in the process. Your gesture of giving playing cards with logo will be crucial in the investor supporting your company.


By giving stuffed toys with logo, your staff can develop leadership and project management skills. This can be a simple team building exercise. In the process of giving out imprinted stuffed toys, however, they will be able to build new relationships with people they will not meet normally such as disadvantaged groups.


By being socially responsible and give imprinted puzzles, you have a good reason to examine and improve on your spending. Initiatives such as handing puzzles with logo to cooperatives give you a reason to cut costs.


Before rushing with your corporate social responsibility program, consider the following:

  • Implement your program strategically. Giving stress relievers with logo is not enough. CSR will be more effective if it is based on a two-way relationship between you and the organization you are supporting. Your gesture of handing imprinted stress relievers can be a challenge for you to grow together.

  • Your program should be in line with your corporate values. Aside from that, it should be based on a genuine concern for people and the community. Your act of giving imprinted coasters should not backfire on your program. Handing coasters with logo should not cause people to become cynical and distrustful of your company.

Implementing corporate social responsibility by giving out cowbells with logo makes financial sense. The fact that they are helping a charitable cause by giving imprinted cowbells will give more meaning to your work and will make you feel good.

Ina highly competitive world, a corporate social responsibility of giving away promotional products like imprinted popcorns can be a good way to make people buy from you, work for you, and invest in you. So if you are not yet a socially responsible company, consider popcorns with logo and make an impression on potential customers. You will get your name out in front of your desired audience.

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