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Boost Performance of Your Sales Team with Imprinted Bags with Logo

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Sales representatives are considered as the “cream of the crop” as far as employees in a company are concerned. A lot is expected from them when it comes to their performance is concerned. Compared to other employees, the performance of a sales team is measured by value and cost. Their performance is tied to their “numbers.” For this reason, sales people need to be motivated in order to boost their performance.

One of the best ways to boost the performance of your sales people is by offering them incentives. Boosting their performance through incentives need not involved money all the time. Using promotional products like bags with logo can be effective tools for boosting the performance of your sales team. Here are some ideas on how imprinted bags can bring out the best in your sales team:


Designating the formulation of the incentive scheme often end up a disaster when handled by a different department. Normally, it should be the operations, legal, finance, or human resources who should be tasked with designing the incentive scheme. The manner of awarding imprinted tote bags should be done systematically.  It should be the sales manager who should distribute tote bags with logo to his team.


No two sales goal are exactly alike. It may seem simple to tie bonuses to sales revenue but other factors need to be taken into consideration as well. For example, if your company has just launched shopping bags with logo on a different sales cycle this year, tying the incentive to sales revenue may inadvertently keep you from promoting the new imprinted shopping bags line. Your sales team may still need to become well-versed with the sales pitch. Your sales team may end up selling other products that they had been successful with already.


It is not always fair to assume that performance-based incentive should always involve cash compensation. While money is always an essential part of the incentive plan, it is not always the case. You can find other ways to recognize and reward the performance of your sales team. Giving them milestone gifts such as imprinted drawstring bags can encourage your team. When you give out drawstring bags with logo on the 1st or 100th sale, it will give the recipient some pride and will stir friendly competition among your team members.


One of the biggest concerns in the sales department is too much focus on individual performance since there is no greater reward than working together as a team. Such practice can affect the whole team negatively as your members would be wary to work with others than be comfortable. To resolve the situation, reward both team and individual goals. You can reward individual performance by giving travel & cosmetics bags with logo and say a team lunch for team goals. By giving imprinted travel & cosmetic bags and team lunch you are recognizing both individual and team performance.


While awarding them with incentives should give your sales team inspiration and encouragement, it should not be the sole motivation for performance. Give out imprinted duffel bags and acknowledge outstanding performers in public without offering them money. Awarding monthly or quarterly certificates along with duffel bags with logo can help promote extra effort.

If you still have no incentive plan in place, here are some reasons you should consider it for your organization:


Promotional products like briefcases with logo motivate employees to push and challenge themselves to get to the next level of productivity. This will result to increased profits for your company. When you hand out imprinted briefcases, employees will recognize that their efforts will be acknowledged and rewarded.


Incentives tied to teamwork or group initiatives can help promote collaboration in your business. When teams rely on each other’s productivity, your team has an opportunity to receive a bonus or freebies like imprinted backpacks. Peer pressure may help encourage additional degree of performance from underperforming members who do not want to let their team members down and receive backpacks with logo as well.


When incentives are in place, it has the potential to raise morale and increase job satisfaction. When employees know that they will receive t-shirts with logo, they will have a high morale which in turn decreases turnover which could save you recruiting, hiring, and training costs. Every time they receive imprinted t-shirts, their job satisfaction will be at a high.

In order for your incentive program to be effective, your goals and objectives should be clearly defined. Workload should also be equally distributed or it could create resentment among the team. When giving out imprinted tool kits, consider both individual and group incentives. You can hand out tool kits with logo for individual performance or a higher value incentive for team performance.

Your sales team needs all the incentives they can have to boost their performance. Items like stuffed toys with logo are the perfect morale booster. Giving imprinted stuffed toys will also help other team members to do their best.

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