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Beef Up Your Employee Incentive Programs With Imprinted Clocks, Calendars & Planners with Logo

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Employee incentives play a huge role in increasing productivity and retention in companies. Recognizing their hard work and excellent performance can help keep employees motivated. A survey entitled “Incentives, Motivation, and Workplace Performance: Research and Best Practices” revealed key findings about the effect of incentives on employee productivity and performance. The survey revealed that incentive programs aimed at individuals increased performance by 27 percent while those aimed at teams increased performance by 45 percent.

If your company does not have an employee incentive program yet, it is high time you implement one. Perhaps the first thing that will come to your mind is budget. The truth of the matter is that employee incentives need not be financial in nature such as bonuses or salary increases. Using imprinted clocks, calendars & planners is a cost-effective way of providing employee incentive. But aside from imprinted clocks and watches with logo, there is a bevy of other items that you can incorporate into your employee incentive program.


Your employees work 8-9 hours daily on various tasks. Imprinted clocks will help them manage their work and ensure that they can finish their assigned tasks within their shift. By managing their time, they will become more productive and efficient. Clocks with logo are also critical in instilling the value of punctuality on employees.


Calendars with logo can be an effective tool in helping an employee become organized. It helps employees schedule client calls, meetings, and others. Imprinted calendars come in different sizes. You can place them on your desk, on the wall, on the door, and other conspicuous places.  


Just like calendars, imprinted planners help an employee organize their tasks and schedule. This is the perfect incentive for those who are in sales so they can properly schedule their client meetings. Calendars with logo can help them maintain their professionalism when it comes to clients.


Journals with logo will help ensure that you will not miss important details. It comes with a ribbon as marker so you can continue where you left off. Imprinted journals also help an employee take down meeting notes or important reminders.


Got an idea you want to share for your next brainstorming session? Jot it down on imprinted notebooks. Don’t know how to get started with an article you are working on. Write down the outline on a notebook with logo to guide you on writing your assignment. They can fit nicely on your bag or even your pocket.


Feeling overwhelmed with the number of tasks you need to accomplish? Organize yourself with notepads with logo. You can stick them on your computer monitor or cubicle and dispose of them when you are already done with the task. Imprinted notepads can also be a great motivational tool. You can write down inspirational quotes or phrases on the notepad and stick them on your computer monitor.


Imprinted pens can be an excellent gift to your team leader or boss. This writing instrument is used for writing and signing checks, contracts, and other documents. Pens with logo allow you to quickly write down an important telephone number.

As you can see, employee incentives can be items that your workers use on a daily basis. It does not have to be monetary incentives all the time. The items mentioned can serve as a reminder to the employee that you care for them and recognize their efforts.

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