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Fostering Customer Goodwill With Imprinted Drinkware with Logo

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Customers are the lifeblood of any organization. The survival of the company rests on establishing good relationships with clients. When customers are happy doing business with you, they are likely to come back and order again from you. As such, your goal as a business owner is to make sure that your customers are happy and satisfied doing business with you.

One of the most effective mediums for fostering customer goodwill is the promotional products. This was revealed in a study completed by Baylor University in 1992. The study centered on a textbook publisher sending 4,000 educators either: 1) a pocket calculator plus a letter, 2) a lower-priced highlighter pen plus a letter, 3) a letter only. The study yielded the following findings:

  • Customers who received a promotional product such as imprinted drinkware showed more goodwill towards the company and its sales people than those who did not receive imprinted drinkware with logo.
  • The attitudes of those who received the calculator were more positive than for those who received the less expensive highlighter pen.
  • Customers who received the pocket calculator or highlighter pen rated the proficiency and ability of the sales representatives as 34% and 16% higher than those who received only the thank you letter.
  • On questions relating to the customers’ feelings toward the company and its sales representatives, customers who received the calculator scored 52% higher than the letter only group.

Now that you know the importance of building customer goodwill, how do you go about ensuring customer retention and loyalty? Here are some strategies you can implement.


Customer loyalty programs may include perks and value-added benefits. This will help enhance their browsing experience when they are looking for ceramic mugs with logo to buy. You can offer discounts as an incentive to the customer for their loyalty to you. These programs offer them added incentives for their continuous purchase of imprinted ceramic mugs. However, loyalty programs alone is not enough, you have to back it up with good service, product selection, and ease of use.  


The success of your loyalty program will also hinge on how well you monitor your customers. Spend time in getting to know your customers and their buying behavior. Establishing a clear profile of your customers can become easy when they have purchased imprinted mugs from you several times already. Repeat sales means that your customer is satisfied doing business with you. You should also track how well they have been buying mugs with logo from your website.


To ensure customer loyalty and goodwill, it is also important to keep your product offerings updated and interesting. As much as possible, provide enough information about the products you are offering. Your customers will not be able to touch or see the imprinted cups they will be buying so content is important. More importantly, your products must be available. When you run out of stocks of cups with logo, it gives your competitors the opportunity to steal your loyal customers.


As mentioned above, no matter how good is your rewards program but your customer service is bad, it is unlikely that they will come back to your site to buy tumblers with logo. The size of the website is not a measure of ability to provide good customer service. You may not be able to provide customers with a live chat feature or hire customer service reps but you can treat them with dignity and respect. More importantly, ship the imprinted tumblers they ordered in time.


Your website should be designed with user convenience in mind. This means that your customers can easily use it and has clear navigation. When buying imprinted glasses, the step for choosing to checkout should be as short and easy as possible. A confusing navigation system will turn off customers and they may never buy glasses with logo from your website anymore.


Your relationship with the customer does not stop when they have purchased water bottles with logo from you. The purchase should be the first step towards building a lasting relationship. You should keep them posted on new updates, new products, and others. You can also remember them during important milestones in their lives and give them imprinted water bottles as a gift.

Building customer goodwill is all about ensuring their loyalty to your business. You would want to keep them buying imprinted travel mugs from you. The more they purchase from you, the good it is for your business. Superior travel mugs with logo should be backed up with excellent customer service to ensure lasting business.

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