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Build Your Corporate Image With Imprinted Clocks, Calendars & Planners with Logo

Posted by QualityImprint Admin on

Every business aspires to build a positive corporate image. You may have the best products in the market but if you have a bad image, customers will choose a company that has a good reputation. Your image will be everything to you. One of the ways you can build your corporate image is by building good rapport with your clients. And what better way to do it than by handing out imprinted clocks, calendars & planners with logo.

By giving out clocks and watches with logo, you are conveying a positive message to your potential customers. They will already know that you are after reliability and quality. Here are some tips on how you can further strengthen your corporate image.


Brand building does not happen overnight. It takes time and consistency. You need to reinforce your efforts to give your brand exposure. Use every channel available at your disposal such as blogs, forums, and social media to create a voice for your personal or business brand. Giving out clocks with logo should be consistently part of your brand building strategy.

In brand building, you should endeavor to establish brand personality. This will help people to identify and engage with your brand. Imprinted clocks will help establish your brand personality. It will create a pattern that will make customers remember your brand name.


When you give away calendars with logo to your customers, you are putting your brand in front of them. A research by Brandwatch revealed that 66% of participants claimed that they could recall the brand on the promotional product within the last 12 months. Furthermore, 79% of those who received the item will likely do business with the company. Imprinted calendars will be used consistently and will be memorable to the recipient.


When you say something to your customers, you are expected to deliver on that promise. When you hand them imprinted planners, they will expect quality because you guaranteed it. When they do business with you, they are looking for service excellence, quality, and reliability from you. When you ensure quality on the planners with logo you give out, your recipients will build on that.


Use your allocated marketing budget to educate customers and prospects about the benefits they can derive from the journals with logo you are offering them. They would want to know how spending money with your company will benefit them. Offering them with a unique functional item such as imprinted journals that highlights your strengths and benefits is crucial to brand building. This gesture of goodwill will be remembered by your customers.


Putting your company information such as website, phone number, and email address on imprinted notebooks is another way customers will remember your brand. They will not throw away such items so your name will be recalled for a long time. Notebooks with logo will be used for a long time as it helps the recipient jot down simple notes.


Once you have built a solid foundation for your corporate image, the next step is to solidify and reinforce it. Your objective is to build a loyal customer following and of course, generate sales. Continue giving out notepads with logo but you should also create an online presence as well. Use imprinted notepads for offline promotions and beef it up with online promotions as well.

In a tough and competitive industry, building a positive brand image is what you should aim for. Promotional items such as imprinted pens will be an effective partner in your desire to be regarded as a reputable brand. With quality pens with logo, you would leave a lasting impression on your customers.

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