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Market Your Not-for-Profit Programs Using Imprinted Drinkwares with Logo

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When it comes to non-profit programs, most businesses focus on raising funds and forget about the marketing aspect. If you are supporting a not-for-profit organization, promoting it is essential to the mission of your organization. You may have an effective not-for-profit program in place in your organization but if no one will know about it, you cannot drive participation from your target audience.

When marketing your non-profit, you should be aware of the so-called 7 P’s. Promoting your cause need not be expensive. You can use promotional products like imprinted drinkwares with logo to attract supporters to your cause. Here are the 7 P’s of marketing your not-for-profit using imprinted drinkwares.


Promote the benefits of ceramic mugs with logo based on the core values of your target audience. When promoting in social media, people will congregate towards the topics of interest. If your organization can inspire or make your visitors connect, it is likely that they will follow and share information about imprinted ceramic mugs.


When budgeting for your not-for-profit, focus on the social and emotional costs rather than hard dollars. Figure out how to reduce the action needed by your staff and make it easy for them to perform the behavior. For example, you can create a content calendar about imprinted mugs and post it using a scheduling tool. This will help free up the time of your staff each working day. They can just check the post about mugs with logo once daily or several times a week.


How and where can people show their support for your cause? Can they donate cups with logo online? Do prospective supporters need to complete a registration form on your website? You only have a small window of time to get your message about imprinted cups through to the audience. Go where the audience is.


Consider your demographic and psychographic. How can you best reach to them about imprinted tumblers in their own language? Do you need the best online tools to reach out to your target audience for tumblers with logo?


Who will be the people who will contribute to the success of the non-profit? Volunteers, community, staff, and members of the community are part of your publics. You may also have to include co-sponsors or sister/brother organizations for glasses with logo. Include them in all your efforts so they may share your good news about imprinted glasses.


Organizations with similar goals, target audience, interests, and resources are great sources for help in spreading the word about your cause. Aligning yourself with these organizations that believe in your advocacy will help increase your network of potential customers for imprinted water bottles. Develop a collection of organizations you may want to tap for sharing information about water bottles with logo.


Be creative and proactive in raising funds and donations of travel mugs with logo for campaigns from corporate partners, foundations, and government agencies. Look for online grant agencies that specialize in offering marketing grants for companies donating imprinted travel mugs.


Now that you know the essential 7 P’s for non-profit marketing, here are some ideas that you can implement for promoting your not-for-profit:

Use social media. If you want to reach potential donors for imprinted pocket guides, go where they are. People spend most of their time on social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In order to reach customers for pocket guides with logo, you should utilize these channels. It will also help you optimize your marketing outreach by using analytics.

Make your message clear. Being transparent will help sway donors of pedometers with logo. The important thing is to communicate your goals to them. In order for donors of imprinted pedometers to support your cause, you need to make them fully understand and believe in your initiatives.

Use content. Content marketing is a powerful tool for attracting the attention of potential customers. Create insightful content that your potential donors for imprinted luggage tags can read and learn from. In order to entice donors to donate luggage tags with logo, they need to be motivated and compelled by your cause or goal. Content can help demonstrate to donors what you stand for and to make them passionate about your goals.

By being supportive of causes and non-profits, you are able to market yourself as a socially responsible organization. This will help you build up your corporate image to your potential donors and supporters. This will help motivate and encourage them to support your worthy cause.

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