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Promote Your Not-for-Profit Using Imprinted Office Accessories with Logo

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In a competitive industry, businesses need to make themselves unique from the competition. Showing support for a charitable cause or non-profit organization is one of the ways you can set yourself aside from the competition. Since consumers began to shift their sights on companies that do good, cause marketing has seen a tremendous rise. So if you want to drive more customers to your business, it is high time that you ride the cause marketing train.

Getting started with cause marketing need not be complicated. You can start off with promotional products like office accessories with logo. If you do not know how to get started with cause marketing, here are some tips for showing support for non-profits using imprinted office accessories with logo.


You cannot pull off a cause marketing campaign overnight. Check out several non-profits and causes and make sure that they have enough infrastructure to partner with you. If you are just a small business, this may seem like a big deal for you. However, you need to make sure that the non-profit you are partnering with can handle the increase in donations of imprinted folders and web traffic without losing track of funds. You also need to make sure that the cause has an impeccable track record. You need to make sure that your partner cause can handle the influx of folders with logo.


Part of doing your homework is ensuring that the cause matches your target market for desk organizers with logo and your brand image. Make sure that your partnership makes sense. If you sell imprinted desk organizers, pair up with a cause that is associated with your product or brand.


If your business is planning to donate imprinted calculators to a charitable cause, your entire team needs to be on board. Talk to your employees about the cause and make sure that they are engaged and motivated. Allow your employees to have paid “volunteer time” and allow them an hour a week to donate calculators with logo at local charities or with your partner non-profit.


First of all, you need to realize that most successful campaigns are not one-offs but are sustained and mutually beneficial partnerships between your business and non-profits. It is possible to run a one-off campaign provided that you are clear with the goal. For instance, if you are looking to sell more sticky notes with logo, then you need to be clear with it. But then again, the focus of customers is on doing good and not turning in profits for imprinted sticky notes.


Sometimes things will not always work out that a partnership may fall apart. In these situations, you should take responsibility to your followers and be honest with them about what went wrong. If you realize that your non-profit partner is not being true to their word, then tell your audience and find a way to keep supporting the cause. The most important thing is to stand by your message about imprinted notepads and find another cause that speak your message about notepads with logo and sync with your brand.


Partner with a non-profit that works in an area you are passionate about. Discuss ways you can work in partnership with the non-profit. For example, can you commit to donate notebooks with logo? If your customers know that proceeds of the imprinted notebooks they will buy will go to a good cause.


It will also be wise to partner with a profit that can make good use of your excess imprinted journals. For example, you can partner with a local school or bookstore that sells journals with logo. This will help- prevent your excess inventory to go to waste while making a positive impact on your own community.


Aside from financial or donations of scales with logo, donations of labor can also be appreciated by non-profits. If you have few employees who are well-equipped to volunteer their service, then do encourage them. If you run a professional services firm such as law, accounting, or public relations, you can sign a pro-bono agreement with a non-profit. You can also let your employees help in packing imprinted scales for an event of the non-profit.


One of the biggest benefits of getting involved in charity work is that it will have a positive impact on your marketing efforts. If you are donating a huge amount of imprinted lanterns, then discuss with the non-profit how they can promote your business. For example, the non-profit can talk about your contribution of lanterns with logo in the next issue of their newsletter which goes out to thousands of local supporters.

Giving out markers with logo to a charitable cause is a unique way of boosting the image of your company. When customers are aware that you are a socially responsible company, they are likely to buy more imprinted markers from you.

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