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Organize A Fundraising Campaign For Non-Profit Using Imprinted Bags with Logo

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Supporting a non-profit organization or cause can be an effective way for businesses to make their brand known to their prospective customers. Similar to the organization supporting them, nonprofits aim to make their cause known to the public. However, as their name implies, they do not have the resources to extensively promote their advocacy. For this reason, they need the support of businesses to achieve their goal of raising awareness of their cause.

More businesses are now realizing the importance of corporate social responsibility or CSR to enhancing their brand image. Cause marketing can be an effective tool for attracting potential customers. Global consumers are likely to purchase the products of a company that is socially responsible. This was the findings of Nielsen Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility. The study revealed that 55% of online global consumers across 60 countries expressed their willingness to pay more for products and services offered by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.

To help promote awareness of the non-profit they are supporting, organizations can employ promotional products like imprinted bags to help build awareness of the cause. Items like bags with logo will be used by recipients all the time which can make their logo and of the non-profit visible to the recipient.


A multi-channel campaign combines website content, social media, traditional media, and email blasts. Think sweeping and broad. Your goal is to convey your message to your supporters. You can send them tote bags with logo to motivate them to action. When they use imprinted tote bags, they should see the message you want to convey. Branding and consistency is the key.


Keep your campaign timeline short typically a week or two will do. Campaigns that are too long grow stale and lose momentum. Give them imprinted shopping bags to keep them notified about your campaign.  Shopping bags with logo will help keep the event in the mind of the customer.


You can add a short clear call to action in your Twitter profile, Facebook page, or other communication channels. You can add a temporary profile picture or add a background picture related to the campaign.


Great campaigns involve more than just asking supporters for money. The measure of the success of your campaign is getting the supporters of your cause to bring your message to reality. Giving them something tangible like drawstring bags with logo can help remind them of their role in promoting your cause. Using imprinted drawstring bags will help them engage and do their share.


Concentrate all your energy on the campaign. The imprinted travel cosmetics you will hand out, your website, social media message, and email should be related to your campaign. You can hand out travel cosmetics with logo and a higher value giveaway to the supporter who will bring the most donor.


Do not stop after the campaign is over. Congratulate your supporters for a job well done. Thank them for their efforts and duffel bags with logo as a token of gratitude. Did you reach your goal? Your campaign is a continuous advocacy so keep supporters reminded by giving them imprinted duffel bags.

Planning to beef up your campaign with promotional items? Here are suggested items you can consider for your fundraising campaign giveaway.

Briefcases.  Your potential donors could be busy entrepreneurs or philantrophers so show them yoru appreciation by giving them imprinted briefcases. While they may not be your customers it, they can become your customers because of your support for non-profit. Briefcases with logo will give them a reminder of your good will.

Backpacks. Your recipients will be using backpacks with logo most of the time so your logo and that of the not-for-profit will be visible all the time. The imprinted backpack will remind them of the support they gave to your cause.

Sunglasses. This accessory is used for both protection and style. Whenever people use imprinted sunglasses, the non-profit organization will be constantly in their mind, At the same time, wearing sunglasses with logo will serve as walking advertisement for your brand and that of the cause.

Planners. It is likely that your customers will be using planners with logo on a daily basis. Whenever the recipient of imprinted planners uses it, both your brand and the logo of the not-for-profit will get instant promotion.

Promoting your brand need not involve money all the time. It can also involve being responsible for promoting a cause. Promotional items like imprinted dental kits can be your effective partner in enhancing your brand image. The recipient of dental kits with logo will have a good impression of your business and will likely buy your products.

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