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Launch A Public Relations Campaign with Imprinted Clocks, Calendars & Planners with Logo

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Every business owner should consider launching PR campaigns. If you are into selling products and services, public perception is vital to the success of your product. Any negative review or feedback about your products, services, or company itself can be cleared or corrected through public relations. If you are just a small business, launching a PR campaign can seem overwhelming or impossible.

Promotional products like clocks and calendars with logo can be helpful in launching a PR campaign for your business. Here are the steps on how you can launch a PR campaign using clocks, calendars, & planners with logo.


An effective PR campaign will require an effective press release. It is up to you to provide relevant information to the media. When you have updates about your company or about imprinted clocks, write a release about it and distribute to media outlets. The more information you give about clocks with logo, the more it will create noise.


A press or media kit can be an invaluable tool that you can use to promote calendars with logo that you are launching. The important thing is that the press kit should be unique and eye-catching. A simple package or envelope will not appeal. See what your competitors are doing and do something different. You can be creative in disseminating information about imprinted calendars.


If you have a corporate, employee, or personal blog, you can leverage the promotion of imprinted planners on your blog to expose it to customers and journalists. Make it in an informal but professional way and will not seem like a sales talk. Talk about planners with logo consistently so your audience will become aware of it.


Working with media will give the journals with logo that you are promoting free publicity. Building a long lasting relationship with the media will provide long-term benefits for your company even beyond your first media event. Partnering with media outfits will give imprinted journals the mileage that it needs.


A press release is not enough when promoting imprinted notebooks. You also have to organize media events in order for potential customers to become aware of the notebooks with logo you are launching. Your media partners will be more likely to attend a media event launching notebooks with logo than just a media blitz.


Let’s face it. No matter how well prepared you are, something will still go wrong. Launching imprinted notepads will not always turn out the way you expected it. The best thing to do is be prepared to deal with any eventuality. You need to have a contingency plan for something that might go wrong during the launch of notepads with logo.


Another great way to generate exposure for your pens with logo is speaking opportunities. You can volunteer yourself as a keynote speaker or panel discussion member. You will not only build up your company but also yourself as an authority. During your talk, you can integrate imprinted pens to give it free exposure.


A news calendar is a plan of news releases that you plan to issue throughout the year. You may need to modify your calendar from time to time. For example, if an event about imprinted jackets was not plan of your calendar, you may insert it on the calendar to create publicity for jackets with logo.


Case studies are attractive to media because they provide a tangible, real world scenario of the benefits of vests with logo that you are offering. However, the challenge with creating case studies is generating active customer participation. So talk to your customers and ask them if they can give a feedback of their experience with imprinted vests. This will be a win-win situation for both you and your customer—because it will make them shine.

Launching a PR campaign will not only give your business an opportunity to shine but also provide new opportunities for gaining mileage and exposure. PR plans are always bound to change but nothing can beat advanced planning. Stick to your overall goals and maintain your focus. With the help of promotional products like imprinted highlighters will help you create a positive impression of your business. Giving out highlighters with logo can help public perception of your company positive and in check.

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