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Beef Up Your Media Relations with Imprinted Wearables with Logo

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As a company, you would want to ensure a positive media coverage for your company. Good public relations can help increase good will to your company. Media relations can be an effective tactic for building a positive brand image. Similar to advertising, media relations can create brand and product awareness among target buyers and end users. Through media relations, you get valuable word-of-mouth advertising. To promote wearables with logo, you will need a list of media contacts and pitch them good story ideas. Using imprinted wearables with logo to boost your media relations can deliver huge benefits for your company:  


Media relations can leverage the effects of your advertising and promotions program by tying all the elements together. For instance, if you are planning to hand out imprinted t-shirts in a fundraising event, the PR company can promote your event through exposure to ad messages on billboards from announcers and on cars bearing your company logo. You can give the PR company a sample of t-shirts with logo that they can try out.


Frequency and consistency are vital for effective public relations. You must work hand in hand with the media company to ensure effectiveness by working on your PR every day at every level of your business—from the way you deal with employees to the way you give out aprons with logo. You should make it a habit to consistently consider the image you want to project when giving imprinted aprons.


Through press releases, you will not only get free publicity but also they will give you valuable reprints that you can use for your advertising efforts. However, there are certain rules that need to be followed when using press releases. You should make sure that the content you will give them is truly newsworthy. If you will open a new store that sells caps with logo that is newsworthy. Describing a store that has been in the same location selling the same imprinted caps for 5 years is not.


Community involvement can be an excellent public relations activity. There are many opportunities in your neighborhood that you can get involved in. You can sponsor a Little League team. They will wear your logo on their jerseys. If you do not have the budget, there are other opportunities for community involvement. For example, you can donate imprinted headbands to charity or causes. Local schools or churches can benefit from the headbands with logo that you will donate as they can give them as prizes for raffles or for auctions.

Here are the steps for making a press release that you will give to the media companies.

Write a press release about the product or service you are promoting. If you are having an event where you will be handing out free items such as jackets with logo, make sure that the press will discuss the specifics of that event. Make sure that the release will be sent to members who cover such topics. So the release should be sent to writers who cover similar events involving giving out of imprinted jackets.

If your event will involve giving out imprinted slippers, make sure to send product images and descriptions when you send your press release. Reporters will work on tight deadlines and may not cover your event because you lack the necessary materials. Send supporting materials of the slippers with logo to your media contact. Email attachments are usually avoided because they may contain viruses.

Follow up with your media contact to make sure that they do not need anything before taking your story live. Do not forget to thank the reporters after the story goes live. As a token, you can give the reporter a free polo shirt with logo. If you to ensure a long term relationship with your media contact, the imprinted polo shirt can go a long way.

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