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Get Your New Service Out In The Open with Imprinted Writing Instruments with Logo

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Is your business rolling out a new service? This is good news for you because it means that your business is growing. This makes promotions crucial to letting the people aware of the new service you are offering. Consider the following statistics when introducing your new service: 1) New products or services have a failure rate of 25 to 45 percent; 2) For every 7 new products, 4 enter development, 1 ½ are launched, and only succeeds. For this reason, your promotions effort will be key to the success of your new service. One of the most effective tools for launching a new service is a promotional product like imprinted writing instruments. So if you are ready to lift the curtain on your new service, here are some ideas for promoting it with imprinted writing instruments with logo.


As a first step, you can make your service available to important influencers. They can be friendly customers, prospects, or even bloggers who have a sizable online presence. Encourage them to try out your service and then write reviews about it. You can hand out pens with logo as well as token for trying out your service. Armed with the imprinted pens, these influencers are also your resource for talking to analysts


Generate some buzz about the new service by inviting current customers to try it out. Set up a time for customers to try out the service. For example, if you are adding spa service, offer free 15-minute sessions. To beef up the event, hand out imprinted pencils. By letting them experience the new service, you are not only spreading the word but also encouraging the customers to avail of the new service. With the pencils with logo you handed out, you are making an impression to potential customers.


In general, customers are not interested in trying out a new service but rather the benefits it will give them. According to research, 7 out of 10 consumers make a purchase to solve a problem they deal with on a regular basis. So instead of offering a 10 percent discount for a new car detailing service, focus on what the service can do for your customers.


To entice customers to try your new service, bundle it with markers with logo or one of your staple products. For example, if you are launching a research or typing services, you can offer imprinted markers. If they are already your loyal customers, offering the new service will generate some excitement on the part of your customers.


Loyal customers who buy imprinted highlighters from you will be the first ones who will avail of the new service. Give them an exclusive preview of your new service. It can be a private pre-launch party, an online preview, or a special invite to test it. The exclusive offer plus the highlighters with logo will make them feel good and return to your store.


You can also do an in-store promotion to coincide with the launching of the new service. This will give people more reasons to visit your store. Besides logos and signage, you can introduce the new service with signs and offer stylus with logo. You can also offer exclusive discounts such as buy-one, take-one or percentage discount. You can say to customers that it is only exclusive to your store. The important thing is to inform them that the offer is for limited only. This will give customers a sense of urgency to not only buy imprinted stylus but also avail of your new service.


Another excellent way to get people to your physical store is to host events or an open house. It does not have to be fancy and super organized. It can be as simple as an open house or garage sale. It is like shooting two birds in one stone. You not only get to introduce the new service but also promote imprinted crayons. At the end of the day, make sure to hand out crayons with logo as a token for those who came to your event.

Launching a new service is good news for you. It means that your business is growing and expanding. Using pencil cases with logo is an effective strategy for introducing the new service to your customers. Don’t forget to give out imprinted pencil cases so customers can be constantly reminded of your business.

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