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Ensure Employee Safety with Imprinted Bags with Logo

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Now more than ever, management should ensure the safety of their workers. It should be top priority by employers to give their employees a safe and conducive working environment. From manipulating machines, lifting heavy machines, wearing protective equipment, management should provide their workers with the proper workplace safety training.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016 Fatal Occupational Injuries Report, there were 5,`190 workplace fatalities in 2016 representing a 7 percent increase from the previous year. In addition, the fatal injury rate also increased from 3.4 percent per 100,000 full-time workers in 2015 to 3.6 in 2016. The reported 5,190 deaths means that 14 workers are killed on the job daily, the highest number since 2008 and the highest rate since 2010.

Given all these statistics, businesses must ensure that they have an employee safety education program in place. Without a program, they could stand to lose employees or find themselves facing various kinds of workplace-related suits. Using promotional products like bags with logo can be effective tools for ensuring workplace safety. Here are some steps on implementing safety in the workplace using imprinted bags with logo.


People absorb information differently. Some prefer reading it on paper and others like it to be spoken aloud. Regardless of how you will convey safety training to your employees, make sure that they understand and acknowledge the actions they need to comply. Make yourself available for any questions they may have. If you cannot answer it yourself, you can contact the OSHA.


If you are in charge of your company’s safety program, it is your responsibility to monitor the day-to-day activities of your employees. Are they taking shortcuts and cutting corners? Are they taking extra effort to comply with safety procedures? You should address these issues in a safety training course. You can reward employees with imprinted tote bags for compliance. Likewise, if they see unsafe practices or habits from their co-workers, they should notify you. You can also reward them tote bags with logo for reporting to you.


Involve each employee in the planning of safety programs. They will be more motivated with workplace safety if you make them the owner of the safety process.


In any industry, a clean working environment can always have a huge impact on workplace safety. Rid the floors of electrical cords and other trip and fall hazards. Label potentially dangerous materials and put them on shopping bags with logo if possible. Just make sure that the imprinted shopping bags are also in a safe place. Make sure that trash bins are emptied especially those with chemical or bio-hazards. Let qualified professionals handle electrical, plumbing, or structural hazards. A clean workspace results to more productive employees.


Falls, trips, and slips are one of the leading causes of illnesses and nonfatal occupational injuries. You should always make sure that floors are clean and dry in storerooms, passageways, and service rooms. Keep all aisles and walkways clear of items. If possible, put them in imprinted drawstring bags. If you have a store room, ensure that the drawstring bags with logo are safely tucked there as well.


It is important that your staff remains aware of their surroundings. They should be cognizant of all known hazards in the workplace. Post signs as part of your safety management system to keep your workforce alert of any potential situations and areas. Reward compliance with travel & cosmetics bags with logo. Receiving imprinted travel & cosmetics bags will keep employees motivated about workplace safety.


Most work-related illnesses and injuries happen as a result of workers being burned out, tired, or unaware of their surroundings. To avoid this from happening, make sure that everyone gets regular break particularly the labor intensive work such as construction and manufacturing.  


When working with tools and equipment, ensure that employees use them properly and avoid taking shortcuts. An example is using a scaffold as a ladder or replacing a tool with another. Using the right tools will reduce the likelihood of injuries. Give imprinted duffel bags to employees who comply with safety guidelines. This way, employees will be motivated to practice safety so they may receive duffel bags with logo as well.

Here are some suggested activities that you can do to promote workplace safety:

Safety Trivia Contest. Stir employee interest by sponsoring a company-wide safety trivia contest. Ask questions that employees can answer by studying a safety manual. Give them a chance to win briefcases with logo. By handing out imprinted briefcases, employees will become more aware of safety in the workplace.

Safety Graphics Competition. Employees will design a safety poster that will be distributed throughout the firm. Artistic talent is not required to have a shot at winning imprinted backpacks because it will be the graphics department who will produce the final version. The winning designer will get backpacks with logo.

Team Safety Sweepstakes. Divide your company into respective departments. Each department will develop a safety-themed contest in which each department finds and fixes hazards or violations. Instruct each department that they can win whistles with logo. Receiving imprinted whistles will remind them of the importance of safety in their workplace.

Managers should also be educated about workplace safety. Explain to them that there are penalties that could be levied by the state if rules are not followed. Get your management team to implement workplace safety by giving them imprinted beach kits. Whenever they use beach kits with logo, they will be reminded of employee safety.

Workplace safety is the responsibility of both management and employees. Using promotional products like sleeping masks with logo is the perfect tool for reminding everyone of the importance of safety. Imprinted sleeping masks will motivate employees to stay safe.

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