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Raise Funds For Your Non-Profit Program with Imprinted Clocks, Calendars & Planners with Logo

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For most businesses, raising funds for their non-profit program can be overwhelming. Finding sources of funds and donations entails a lot of negotiations which can be nerve wracking. In 2013, American charities raised $335.17 billion coming from different methods, 72% coming from individuals and 6.4% coming online. Your potential donors could use a wide range of methods for their donations. You can also use imprinted clocks, calendars & planners for getting your funds. Let us go into the details of raising funds using imprinted clocks, calendars, & planners with logo.


While government agencies or national foundations are excellent source of funds, a good starting point for donations are the people you know. You can ask for donations of clocks with logo from family or relatives. In addition, you can also ask for donations of imprinted clocks from friends and other people you know. Likewise, you can get your initial funds by inviting people you know to your house and do a little pitching.


Special events may be a costly way to raise funds for your non-profit but it offers real benefits as they can be a good venue for informing people about your organization and imprinted calendars. Once they are informed, they spread the word about calendars with logo. You do not have to be elaborate with the event and you can start with a dozen people.


One of the qualms that you may have with approaching foundations is that you do not have a track record yet. On the contrary, foundations like to throw their support on startup projects and organizations. You can approach them for funding or if you want to offer imprinted planners to them. If  the foundation offers grants in your field of interest and geographic area, foundations may be a good option for offering planners with logo and launch your foundation.


Government grants and contracts may provide significant underpinnings for a new effort but may offer disadvantages for new nonprofits.

  • When offering journals with logo, the approval process may be slow. They only have only one annual deadline for approving imprinted journals.
  • When a grant for imprinted notepads has been approved, you may be required to comply with rules and regulations, board policies, and financial reporting. These may be good rules but if you are just starting out with giving notepads with logo, chances are you are still working out your systems and policies.
  • They may require you to spend money upfront and submit invoices to be reimbursed for pens with logo. If you have limited sources of income, you may not have enough funds to spend on imprinted pens.


It will be much easier to raise funds for your new non-profit if your Board of Directors is also passionate with giving imprinted funnels. If you can find them, sit down with them and explain your mission and what you want to accomplish from handing out funnels with logo to charity. Seek out business and community leaders who are passionate about the issue your organization addresses. Sit down with those leaders one-on-one and explain your mission and what you are hoping to accomplish with your new non-profit.  Ask each leader to get involved by sitting on your board.


You can achieve great success for your non-profit if you connect with complementary organizations. For example if you are raising funds for rain gauges with logo, you should look for a group that has a vested interest in what you will offer. It will be useless to offer imprinted rain gauges to organizations that will not be interested with it in the first place.


A great way to raise funds for your new non-profit organization is to hold a launching event, Recruit a well-connected host committee that cares about your mission and also loves holding events. Have them utilize their network to find donors for imprinted glasses and sell tickets. You can give the committee members glasses with logo for their effort.

Holding a fundraising event is daunting at first. If this is your first activity, you can experience jitters. However, with proper planning, getting the right people, and creating a good plan, the task of running the event will not be as hard as you thought it is. With the knowledge that your effort is for a good cause, you can look forward to the support of people who believe on your cause.

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