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Beef Up Your Support For Non-Profits Using Travel Accessories with Logo

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With customers demanding that companies become more socially responsible, integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) into your culture becomes top priority. This is also important because employees are now looking for the companies they work in to be more supportive of causes. More than 8 out of 10 (86%) employees expect their employers to provide them with opportunities to engage in the community and 87% believe that their company should support causes and issues that matter to them.

For companies that have corporate social responsibility as part of their strategy, 88% believe that community engagement is an effective program for attracting and retaining employees. 77% of them believe that it is an important strategy for attracting millennials. It is a known fact that employees want to work for companies that care. A study by Cone Research revealed that 79% of people prefer to work for a socially responsible company.

If you do not have a corporate social responsibility program yet, it is high time to create one. Promotional products like imprinted travel accessories can help you get started with social responsibility. Here are some steps on how you can start being socially responsible with imprinted travel accessories with logo.  


Even non-profits face tough competition for supporter’s money. For this reason, you need to build a strong brand. You first need to identify your target market in order to be able to pick the best program to suit their need. Once you have a clear program, you will be able to present travel cases with logo to your potential supporters. To further strengthen your brand, develop a slogan that you will add to imprinted travel cases.


Every non-profit should have a newsletter or electronic newsletter. When you write for the general public and for membership associations aside from your community distributions, information about imprinted travel pillows will not just be known by people who already know you but to those who do not know you yet. You should try everything for your non-profit to become known from starting a blog to publishing a book or telling your story about travel pillows with logo in as many publications as possible.


One of the best ways you can promote your non-profit is by speaking in public. Who better to talk about luggage bags with logo than you yourself. You have the most powerful connection to your brand and is the most qualified to sell your story to media, donors, volunteers, and supporters. When you can confidently engage with your audience about imprinted luggage bags, they become involved in who you are and what you do.


When it comes to community outreach, you need to be consistent to effectively promote your brand. Choose the best program that suits your mission and work on those until they are stable and do them every year. Just be creative with your donations every year. If you donated imprinted luggage tags this year, change it the following year. Always search for better ways to reach your goals and try to brand out in the future with luggage tags with logo.


Being accessible online is an important marketing strategy. Create a web page for your non-profit and build a social media presence. Put your cause and your products like toiletry bags with logo. Optimize your website for search engines and get as many good links as possible. Make sure that your online reach and presence allows conversation with your supporters, fan, and non-fans about imprinted toiletry bags.


Using merchandise like imprinted binoculars has revolutionized funding initiatives made easier by technological advancements. Binoculars with logo can be customized according to your cause. When people use the merchandise, they will promote your cause.


Crowdfunding is a popular method for raising funds for a nonprofit. The first thing to do is to choose a crowdfunding platform. Then create a campaign website to narrate your story, include photos and videos. The crowdfunding company you selected will choose a particular category. So if you are involved with wallets with logo, the company will direct you to that category so you can reach a specific audience to promote your message about imprinted wallets.


Charitable events is an effective way of raising substantial amount of money from corporate sponsors, and patrons who will buy your stuff such as imprinted carabiners. You can hold auctions, raffles, sell carabiners with logo during the actual event as well.


Here the individual themselves are personally seeking funds on behalf of a charity. They appeal to friends and family members through a variety of ways. They could sell condoms with logo during an event. Likewise, they could forego gifts of imprinted condoms to go to their favorite charity.

As you can see, raising funds for your non-profit need not be complicated. You can give out promotional products like imprinted mints. Your donation of mints with logo can go a long way in ensuring the survival of your nonprofit.

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