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Reward Employee Years of Service with Imprinted Personal Products with Logo

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Loyal employees are hard to come by these days. Most employees stay in a company for 1-2 years others for 5 years. But rare do we see employees staying in a company beyond 5 years. For this reason, employees who have stayed in the company for more than 5 years are worth recognizing. Employee recognition is not only for showing gratitude but also to boost their morale and improve productivity. Recognizing milestones such as work anniversaries can help strengthen employee engagement and make them feel more valued.

If you do not have an employee service award in place yet, it is high time to consider having one. Using promotional products like imprinted personal products can help you get started with an employee service program. Here are some steps to get you started with recognizing your employee’s work anniversary using imprinted personal products with logo.


First of all, make sure that you have recorded the start date of your employees in your calendar. If you have a small company, you can have someone do the recording. On the other hand, if you own a large company, you can consider installing HR software that will notify you about start dates will ensure that you do not overlook an anniversary.


Once you have recorded the work anniversaries of all your employees, set up a planning committee that will plan how the milestones will be recognized. It may be done individually considering their likes/dislikes when planning how to celebrate anniversaries or in groups where all employees will receive the same kind of recognition. There are many ways employee anniversaries can be honored ranging from handing out lighters with logo to anniversary lunches. Whether it’s giving imprinted lighters or other ways, it is important that these milestones are recognized.


To ensure that the interest of all employees is represented, get workers from all departments and job levels as members of the planning committee. Whether the committee ask for recognition ideas or develop a survey, the important thing is to solicit input from all perspectives.


Many companies prefer holding a formal recognition to employees by honoring them jointly during quarterly or annual awards ceremonies. Others opt for smaller division or departmental ceremonies while publicly acknowledging their achievements for the rest of the company. Employees can be honored at the same time with small gifts such as imprinted sunglasses. By showing their gratitude using sunglasses with logo, employees who have been with the company for a long time will be more motivated and feel valued.


Employee anniversary recognition entails a lot of creativity on the part of the planning committee. They can give a symbolic token of appreciation or present a small gift like personal grooming with logo. Whatever the case, the secret to success when recognizing service awardees is to be creative. Aside from giving them imprinted personal grooming, you can also share stories on how the employee made a positive impact on the company.


Giving a standard pharmacy card just won’t cut for employee retention even if the quote is appropriate. On the other hand, personalized notes of gratitude can be an effective way to show employee that the company cares. On their anniversary, provide the team that works most closely with the employee a card where they can write a note of gratitude. You can throw in imprinted matches along with the card. Make sure that the manager or Big Boss is part of the recognition. The manager can be the one to give the card and matches with logo to the employee.


Going the extra mile to celebrate an employee’s anniversary can make the experience more than just a regular day in the office. You can decorate the employee’s desk with balloons, streamers, confetti, or anything festive can be a good way to appreciate your colleague’s loyalty to the company. Add a small gift such as purses with logo and a cake to the mix. The gesture of giving imprinted purses can make the day truly special for the employee.


Picking a gift to an employee for their anniversary can be tricky. Giving them a branded gift does not show much thought (branded items are not considered gifts). Likewise, an expensive gift can be time-consuming and might miss the mark if it does not fit the employee’s style. You can instead give them tickets to a local music, theater, or sports arena, a groupon gift to a nearby activity, and a voucher to an expensive restaurant. You can also give them imprinted wipes in case they become emotional from all that thoughtfulness. The wipes with logo can make the event truly more memorable.


No matter how much your employees love working for the company, they deserve a break so give them a day off. Everyone deserves a day to relax and recover from time to time. It does not have to be on the day of the anniversary itself. They can choose the day that works best for them. Give them compact mirrors with logo as a send off for their day of relaxation. Giving them a day off and imprinted compact mirrors shows them that you value their life outside the office.


Cakes and balloons are nice gifts but if the employee gets the same gift every year it may already appear robotic and insincere. Make the appreciation personal by giving them a hand-written card, heartfelt email, or imprinted adult stress relievers. You can opt to hand the card and adult stress relievers with logo personally.


A customized trophy or food containers with logo is something that the employee can display is something that can make them feel good. You can award imprinted food containers in a short ceremony to make them feel more valued.

Appreciation gifts for an employee’s year of service does not have to be costly. A gift as simple as imprinted badge holders is enough to make them feel appreciated and valued. Badge holders with logo can be a great motivator for the employee because they will feel that their company cares for them.

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