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Ensure Organizational Commitment With Imprinted Food gifts with Logo

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Businesses demand full commitment from their employees. Workers play a crucial role in the long term success of an organization. But while employees are expected to be loyal to their company, it is also the responsible of management to ensure that they provide their employees with the means to remain loyal to the organization. Keeping employees committed to the organization offers a wide range of benefits for the company:

Increased Productivity.  When your employees are committed, you do not have to worry about productivity when you are away. They will push themselves to achieve business goals. They do not have to be told what needs to be done. A committed team will give you a relaxed sense.

Goals are met and exceeded. A committed team is motivated to hit or even surpass their target. They would do their best to meet what is expected of them or even set the bar higher than your own.

They put the whistle in your work.  Committed employees have fun. They are creative and full of vigor and excitement in what they are doing. They thrive and embrace new ideas and challenges thrown their way. They are flexible and can easily shift in the manner they are working to achieve the desired result.

Better customer service. A committed employee delivers exceptional service. They are able to make decisions even without their superiors. They are able to do what is best for their customers.


According to Insightlink’s Annual Employee Satisfaction Survey, only 21% of Us employees feel fully committed to their employers and only 12% agree that their employers are fully committed to them. Employers therefore can have a huge impact in changing the way their employees feel about them. They need to take positive steps to create a favorable work environment. One effective tool that they can use for boosting employee commitment is a promotional product like imprinted food gifts. There is a bevy of imprinted food gifts with logo they can choose from and here are some of them:


Imprinted lollipops come in different varieties and packaging. This sweet delight has been used to carry medicines. Lollipops with logo have been marketed as diet aids.


For some people, popcorns with logo is just a delicious snack for movie theaters or comfortable nights at home. Imprinted popcorns, however, have health benefits such as ability to regulate blood sugar and lower cholesterol levels.


Imprinted mints have been used in folk medicine for a long time already. This sweet treat can actually aid in weight loss. Mints with logo stimulate the digestive enzymes that absorb nutrients from food and consumes fat to transform it to usable energy.


Bottled water with logo keep you hydrated when engaging in physical activity. Imprinted bottled water is the second most purchased beverage in the United States.


Imprinted candies can be seen in the reception area of offices or given out during Valentine’s Day. Candies with logo contain flavonoids which can decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke by 39 percent.


Chocolates with logo are often given by men to the women they are wooing. Imprinted chocolates can actually help reduce blood pressure of those with high blood pressure. It also has been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol by up to 10 percent.


Imprinted gums come in different flavors and in different packages. Gums with logo offer an excellent alternative to the toothbrush as they offer health benefits to the teeth.


The truth of the matter is that rewards for employee commitment need not be expensive. Budget should always be a consideration when selecting a reward. Freebies like keychains with logo can suit your budget. When rewarding employees with imprinted keychains, make sure that it is appropriate to the goal of your program.

Giving your employees merchandise like imprinted bottle openers is an affordable way of showing them that you value and care for them. Bottle openers with logo do not cost that much but it is the gesture of goodwill that counts.

Organizational commitment should be reciprocal between the employer and the employee. If the management expects full commitment of the employee, they should take the necessary measures to make employees fully committed to the organization. Recognizing the efforts of employees will go a long way in building up their commitment to your company. Employees like being recognized as this can fire up their motivation. Handing out personalized items like hand sanitizers with logo can serve as a good reminder to the employee of your commitment to them. They will use imprinted hand sanitizers all the time so they will be reminded of your good will.

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