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Ensure Brand Loyalty With Imprinted Office Accessories with Logo

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Customers and brands are like friends. They trust each other. They are always there for each  other. When customers need a product for their company, they depend on the company to deliver to them what they need. When the customer always relies on the company whenever they need something, brand loyalty develops.

Brand loyalty is built on a principle of trust. When customers become loyal, they will not only buy your products or avail of your services, they also develop an emotional attachment to your brand. Because of this connection, they will recommend your brand to friends and family. For this reason, you need to constantly build on this loyalty to ensure that your customers would continue to do business with you.

Ensuring brand loyalty should be one of your top considerations as a business. Statistics from Factory 360 revealed that 80% of your future revenue will come from 20% of your current customers. Given the difficulty of acquiring a new customer, a study by Bain & Company revealed that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. The same study also revealed that returning customers spend 67% more than first time customers.

There are many tools that you can use for increasing brand loyalty and one of them is the promotional product. When you give out imprinted office accessories, you are showing your customer how much you value them. When giving imprinted office accessories with logo, here are some tips on how you can ensure brand loyalty:


To beat the competition—that is your ultimate goal. Look for that one thing that you can do better than the competition. This is not saying that you should focus on folders with logo but more on what you can do better than others. Being better means not giving customers an alternative when buying imprinted folders because they know that you are the best when it comes to that item.


You would want your customers to feel that they belong to your brand and give them a reason to wear that badge. Give them a reason for associating themselves and be loyal to you. Go beyond having quality imprinted desk organizers. Identify why people would want to recommend the desk organizes with logo that you are offering.  


Being credible is more than doing what you say you will or having calculators with logo doing what it says it will. Remember your aim is to build loyalty. What good will having a great imprinted calculator and message do, when your marketing collaterals are photocopied or your company profile does not represent your identity? Materials and profiles will make your brand credible and trustworthy.


Accessibility means customers are able to connect to your products. This is where the human aspect of the brand will come in. People would want to know that behind a quality imprinted sticky notes is a consumer, family man/woman, who eats lunch, drinks coffee and use sticky notes with logo as well.


This refers to the way you talk to your audience. Do you talk the way they do or teach them the way you want them to talk to you. This is common in the tag lines or brand message you put on imprinted notepads. However, there are instances when a brand will take on a new language. While some may use this to grab attention, the focus is taken away from notepads with logo and becomes about the pronunciation of the name.


Keep tabs on what the customers are saying and avoid being stale or changing too fast. Products like notebooks with logo have long shelf life and brands that remain on top of change or shift in consumer mindset are able to adapt and maintain loyal customers. When offering imprinted notebooks, be proactive not reactive.


Implement a strategy of conversational marketing to initiate one-on-one seamless messaging across all channels. When offering imprinted journals, profile and analyze your customers. As much as possible, create a personalized two-way interaction. When buying journals with logo, don’t consider them as stats. Focus on building relationships.


When offering sticky notes with logo, don’t just sell. Listen to their needs and focus on what they want. Your customers are looking for a great experience. Don’t just give them imprinted sticky notes, but give them the additional value. Customers are usually profitable and they will reciprocate by staying with your brand.


Consumers want more than the imprinted clips they are buying. They are looking for an experience. Some brands will bundle a sensory package. Provide your customers with quality clips with logo and create a buzz around your brand.

Building brand loyalty goes beyond offering a tangible awards with logo. You need to put in the behavior perspective. How will the imprinted awards fit into their social development? Why would they want to be part of your brand?

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