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Drive Traffic To Your Company Store Using Imprinted Writing Instruments with Logo

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The popularity of online shopping portals like Amazon and eBay has taken shopping to greater heights. Now, shopping for gadgets, apparel, car accessories, computer paraphernalia, and others can be done without having to leave the comforts of your home. Despite the convenience offered by online shopping, studies have revealed that shoppers still prefer buying merchandise from brick and mortar stores. According to Retail Dive’s Consumer Survey, 62% of consumers still prefer in-store shopping because they want to touch, feel, and try out items. In addition, nearly half (49%) say that they choose stores over the web because they want to take items home immediately.

So if you own a company store, take advantage of these statistics and ensure that your customers get a pleasant shopping experience or lose your customers to online stores. Using promotional products like imprinted writing instruments with logo can help boost your customer’s visit to your company store. Here are some tips on how to drive traffic to your retail store using writing instruments with logo.


Create an internal list of your customer’s contact information so you can reach out to them about offers, promotions, event invitations, or freebies like pens with logo. You can use a sign-up form on your website, blog, or social media. With your list, you can give out imprinted pens for boosting customer experience in your store.


Public relations is simply sharing interesting and noteworthy stories for the media to pick up and share to a broader audience. You can either hire a PR agency to help you tease out the stories to tell, write the press release, and distribute them or you can do it yourself.  If you choose the former, you can give them imprinted pencils as a token for sharing your story. When they receive pencils with logo, they will remember your gesture and share a good story of your company.


Choose another business entity or charitable institution and establish a partnership with them. Partnering with another business or charity can benefit both parties. You can expand your business reach to new potential customers and increase sales of markers with logo. You get additional customers for your imprinted markers and your partner can also promote their business to your customers.


Social media gives you a free channel for promoting highlighters with logo to potential customers. Just make sure not to be overly promotional with your posts. Likewise, when posting on social media, choose only the networks where you will promote imprinted highlighters.


Search engine optimization will affect how your store will rank on search engines. To improve your SEO, ensure that your website and content targets the right customers. For example, if you are offering imprinted stylus, choose the appropriate keywords. This way, people searching for stylus with logo will easily find your store.


How you price the crayons with logo you are offering will have a huge impact on your customers. However, there are some factors you need to consider such as the percentage of discount and the duration. There are several pricing options that you can apply on the imprinted crayons you will offer.

  • Markdown. This is when you reduce prices of imprinted pencil cases in your store for all customers. This pricing for pencil cases with logo will be especially effective when backed by a wider advertising campaign whether through paid or unpaid channels.
  • Loss Leaders. When bundles & kits with logo are in great demand, you can afford to offer them with steep discounts to attract new customers to your store. Loss leaders can be offered if your imprinted bundles & kits are overstocked.
  • Bundle Pricing. Bundling imprinted planners with another item generates a higher perceived value for a lower cost. Combining planners with logo with another product will make them feel that they are getting more for what they are paying. It can also entice customers to buy higher priced items in your store.


Offering free samples is a great way to increase demand for the new lip balms with logo you are offering. When you give away free imprinted lip balms, you invite your customers to use them at no cost. While they may not reach for the full-price version at once, you can be sure that your customers will think about it next time they visit your store.

No matter how great the products you have in your store but if customers do not know about it, you could end up closing your business. Follow these tips and you could have customers right on the doorsteps of your store.

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