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Celebrate Employee Anniversaries With Imprinted Sporting Goods with Logo

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Every employee remembers and celebrates their hiring dates. It is the career equivalent of a birthday. Employers recognizing the work anniversaries of their employees signify a great management. Treating an employee’s work anniversary as an achievement and special occasion can have a positive effect not only on the concerned employee but also on the company as a whole.

According to the 2014 Mood Tracker Fall Report, 94% of employees like getting recognized for accomplishments at work. While milestones may not drive happiness, for 50% of employees, milestones is a time to re-evaluate commitment to a company. Recognizing an employee anniversary can have a domino effect around the office. For one, it can stir excitement on employees anticipating similar celebration accorded to their colleagues. At the end of the day, celebrating their anniversaries can boost employee morale.

You do not have to be extravagant when celebrating the milestones of your employees. Promotional products like imprinted sporting goods offer an affordable alternative for recognizing work anniversaries. Here are some steps on how sporting goods with logo can make employee work anniversaries truly special.


When it comes to work anniversary gifts, it does not have to be an expensive item. Make it personal such as a card, letter, or some other gesture. It does not have to be formal as well. As long as it is a genuine expression of appreciation, it will be valued greatly by your employee. It can even be a simple gift such as imprinted balls. It does not have to be a paycheck or promotion. An inexpensive gift like balls with logo can go a long way in boosting their morale. Here are other suggested giveaways you can give to your employee on their work anniversary,

  • Anniversary card.  Have managers and employees sign and make a special message to the employee. Along with the anniversary card, include beach balls with logo. The gift will make the employee know that you and their co-employees are excited and enthusiastic about their tenure. Imprinted beach balls will make the event fun and meaningful.
  • Commemorative tokenImprinted cheering mitts can be an excellent commemorative token. Cheering mitts with logo conveys more celebrations for the employee.

When selecting a gift, make sure that you buy a gift that fits their personality and interest. For example, if the employee is sporty and a fitness buff, you can give them exercises and gyms with logo. An anniversary gift like imprinted exercises and gyms is inexpensive but will be appreciated.


Whether it’s a special banquet or a 5-minute break, the important thing when giving imprinted golf balls as anniversary gift is to recognize them in front of their co-employees. Doing so is essential because other employees are involved in the celebration of the milestone. Giving golf balls with logo will make other employees aware that every employee is appreciated and tenure of service is valued.


Money is often associated with compensation so you do not want the employee to get confused with recognition and compensation. Besides, the purpose of an anniversary is to appreciate the employee’s years of service. So rather than give a monetary gift card, consider a coupon for claiming an item such as stadium cushions with logo instead. Give them a gift card that will let them do what they love to do such as an imprinted stadium cushion.


Your years of service in a company is a personal milestone worth celebrating. Work anniversaries are more meaningful when you receive a stack of notes from colleagues as well as fun stuff like imprinted umbrellas.  Receiving umbrellas with logo may be considered cheap in other companies but it is always the thought that counts.


A great way to celebrate work anniversaries is by decorating the workstation of the concerned employee. You can put streamers, balloons, and fun gifts such as mugs with logo. No amount of gift cards or pay checks can top the seeing your co-worker feeling appreciated with the gesture and imprinted mugs on their desk.


The best way to celebrate employee milestone is to give them the time off. Whether it’s a day in the beach or a spa, it is their day so it is up to them. If you cannot afford it, give the time off to those who have been in the office for a longer period. It will be their opportunity to celebrate their milestone with their loved ones and friends. Now they can take out their imprinted selfie sticks to capture the special moment. Having the opportunity to use selfie sticks with logo is a good reminder of the benefits of having stayed with the company.

Work anniversaries are synonymous to personal birthdays. What better way to celebrate an employee’s milestone such milestone than by giving them towels with logo. With the help of promotional products like imprinted towels, you can ensure that by recognizing them, your employees will stay in your company.

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