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Boost Brand Awareness Using Imprinted Wearables with Logo

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Having a solid branding strategy is crucial to the success of your business. Your brand is the first thing that your customers remember. It represents your promise to clients so make sure to deliver on it or lose customers to the competition. Statistics from Bop Design revealed that 54% of customers don’t trust brands. For this reason, it is important to deliver on your promise and earn the trust of your customers.

One of the most powerful tools for building brand awareness is promotional products like imprinted wearables with logo. A study by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) revealed that 66% of consumers recalled the brand of a promotional product they received in the past 12 months. So if you want to gain more customers, it is high time to start boosting brand awareness. Here are some steps to help you get started using wearables with logo.


If you do not have the time to work on brand awareness, you can solicit the help of marketing professionals. They can help you build awareness of your imprinted t-shirts using different platforms. These companies invest in app builders to spread brand awareness. These apps can expand accessibility of t-shirts with logo ensuring return business for you.


Social media offers a limitless platform for boosting awareness of your brand. It gives you a free platform for spreading awareness about aprons with logo. Use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to build rapport with the general public. You can conduct contests and small giveaways and give out imprinted aprons to engage customers. 71% of customers are likely to make a purchase from brands that they follow on social media.


Your blog is the perfect avenue for introducing your company to consumers. Use your company blog as a platform for airing your goals, struggles, and success stories of your business. Post videos providing information about imprinted caps. 78% of customers believe that companies who churn out custom content are more trustworthy compared to those who post generic content. Leverage your blog to promote caps with logo.  


Putting advertisements on search engines is an effective strategy. While it will not generate tons of traffic, it will definitely boost brand awareness. They can see the advertisement of headbands with logo so an imprint is instilled in their minds. You can monitor ad response and analyze traffic patterns for your imprinted headbands.


Another effective tool for generating brand awareness is through company podcasts. Make it witty and entertaining. Start with a few videos including imprinted jackets and other products. However, make sure to regularly maintain the podcast to boost awareness of jackets with logo.


Who does not want to receive freebies? Giving giveaways such as slippers with logo is an effective way to gain the attention of customers. You treat your target audience  and promote your brand at the same time. Just make sure that the imprinted slippers you are giving away is related to your target audience.


Using brand ambassadors to promote imprinted polo shirts has worked for major brands but it can work for your business too. When looking for brand ambassadors who will promote polo shirts with logo, make sure that they have a big following and is a good fit for your brand. When done right, brand ambassadors can propel your brand to a wider audience.


Another way you can increase brand awareness is to get involved with a good cause. You can raise money for charity, volunteer or give earbuds with logo while promoting your brand. Raising brand awareness through causes is simple. Promote on social media, carry them out using imprinted earbuds. Just make sure you have some business cards on hand. Social responsibility is important for companies as well as for boosting your brand.


To raise brand awareness, having a social media account is not enough. You can be creative with your social media networks. Do not limit yourself to posts and status updates. One tactic you can employ is to run campaigns and competitions. If your brand is related to imprinted yoga mats, you can ask your followers to post pictures of them working out. This will encourage more submissions from your followers of them working out using yoga mats with logo.  

Raising brand awareness need not be complicated. Using frisbees with logo offer an effective way of boosting awareness of your brand. Whenever people use the imprinted frisbees you handed out, they will remember your brand.

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