Beef Up Your Support For Not-For-Profit Programs Using Imprinted Electronic Accessories with Logo  QI
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Beef Up Your Support For Not-For-Profit Programs Using Imprinted Electronic Accessories with Logo

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With the purchase decision of customers hinging on organizations being socially responsible, you should now set your sights on corporate social responsibility. With customers willing to pay more for purchases from a socially or economically responsible company, not having a corporate social responsibility program is tantamount to a lost customer for your business. One of the ways you can be socially responsible is to show support for not-for-profit programs.

Supporting a cooperative need not be expensive on your part. In fact, it does not have to involved money. Giving out promotional products like imprinted electronic accessories can be an effective way of being socially responsible. Here are some ways you can show support for cooperatives using imprinted electronic accessories with logo.


Do you have upcoming fundraising projects that you like to implement but do not have enough manpower? If this is the case, you can consider enlisting pro bono services from local companies. Check out your pool of supporters and you might find volunteers from nearly every industry. If you need to upgrade your online store for phone cases with logo, one of your supporters may be a designer. One of them may also help design marketing materials for imprinted phone cases.


In matching gift programs, companies match donations of their employees to nonprofits they support. Whatever amount the employee donates, their employee will match it thus doubling the contribution. Employees have the option to increase their donation to the organizations they care about. On the part of the cooperative, they receive additional funds without attracting new donors.


If you have volunteer programs, some of them may be qualified to take part in dollar for doer programs. In exchange for volunteer work or donating iPad cases with logo, your employees will receive grants for every hour they render. By offering financial grants, your employee will be encouraged to volunteer or donate imprinted iPad cases to causes.


With paid release days, you allow your employees to spend one or two days to volunteer during regular working hours. If you have an upcoming fundraising event, you can work with major businesses with the same program and ask their supporters to help you during the event.


While most companies give cash donations, you can still give back to communities by donating imprinted plug-in chargers instead of cash contributions. Create a list of items that your company needs or will purchase in the coming months and see if a local business can give them. For instance, do you need plug-in chargers with logo? Maybe there is a company willing to donate their old equipment.


You can partner with a local business for a day of service event. While it may require coordination, it will benefit you greatly if you are able to pull it off. You may be able to generate funds or receive donations of gadget accessories with logo from these events. When receiving the donations of imprinted gadget accessories, your employees will be happy by doing something for their community.


You can tap the help of local businesses such as groceries or food chains to help with your fundraising campaign. They can give out a percentage of purchases to their chosen cause that you are supporting. Even donations of imprinted selfie sticks can make a difference in showing support for your cause. Donating selfie sticks with logo is also a great way for boosting your brand’s visibility.


You can add a “Ways to Give” page on your company website explaining how to donate tablet cases with logo to your cause. List out a multitude of resources so donors and volunteers will have a better idea of how to support your cause. For example, aside from donating imprinted tablet cases, they can also donate online, crowdfunding, text-to-give, and others.


You can tap on the skills of your employees to give back to nonprofits. For instance, you can lend your sales team to sell imprinted chargers & batteries to raise funds during a charity event. Perhaps you have employees who are good in designing websites. Have them create a donors page and include the chargers & batteries with logo and other items they have received from donors.


After a long and tiring day in the office, chances are your employees might not find the idea to attend a nonprofit event. However, events like these will not only result to support to charity but also offer employees to have a shared experience outside the office. You can give them buttons with logo as motivation to attend the event. When they receive imprinted buttons, your employees will find fulfillment from helping others.


A non-monetary way to donate to cooperative is to lend them your office space. You can give them a space for packing imprinted selfie sticks for their upcoming event. You can also provide extra room for training volunteers to use selfie sticks with logo.

Showing your support for cooperatives can be a great way to boost your brand image. Using promotional products like imprinted dental kits can help make your employees feel engaged to your company. When they give out dental kits with logo, they will feel more fulfilled and satisfied.

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