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7 Ideas To Raise Funds For Your Not-for-Profit Using Imprinted Toys and Games with Logo

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Support for non-profit organizations has increased over the years. Customers nowadays demand more from organizations they do business with. Numbers compiled by Qgiv revealed the growing interest of Americans in donating for non-profit. According to the fundraising website Qgiv, 18% of Americans reveals that supporting youth and family causes are more important to them. It also revealed that an average American supports 4- 5 charities and 69% of Americans give charitably.

If your organization is not supporting a not-for-profit organization yet, you could be losing out on potential customers. The truth of the matter is that supporting charitable causes need not be a costly venture. Considering toys and games with logo can help you get a non-profit program started. Here is a short guide on kick starting your support for not-for-profit organizations using imprinted toys and games with logo.


While you can consider imprinted toys for supporting nonprofit causes, you still need to invest some money. You need to have sufficient budget for your staff and a website. You also need to funds for the toys with logo and for marketing the event.


Look for ways you can best leverage your supporters to raise funds on your behalf and build your entire campaign around it. Apply the same level of conceptual preparation, branding development, and financial forecasting as you would with a traditional fundraiser.


So your funds are ready and you already have balloons with logo for the event, the only thing missing are your participants. But no one will know that you have such program, if you will not let people know about it. Use media and other channels to build excitement and promote sign up. You can use imprinted balloons as background for your press release.


The people whom you select for your fundraising may not have the experience to get started. Share your experience to your team so they could apply it during your event. Reward them with imprinted frisbees for completing the training. Receiving frisbees with logo will help motivate them to perform well during the event.


The needs of your supporters may change after a certain period of time. Likewise, you may find out that some of the assumptions you made while setting up your new program did not work out as you planned. Be ready to change things up. For example, you can change playing cards with logo for your next event. Aside from imprinted playing cards, you may need to change other items as well.

Now that you know how to set-up your not-for-profit program, here are some ideas that you can use for your fundraising event.


If your event happens during sports season, you can take advantage of the competitive spirit to arouse participation to bring passion to charitable donations. You can set up challenges between rival businesses to see who can raise the most funds for their cause. You can make the event unique by having the teams pick their identities.


One of the best ways you can raise funds for your event is to offer promotional products like imprinted stuffed toys. You can come up with an event such as dress up the bear, part of the proceeds will go to charity. If the money you raised for the contest is not enough, you can have stuffed toys with logo sold to add to the funds.


With online stores like eBay and Amazon quite popular nowadays, you can do an online auction of puzzles with logo. You can sell them for a specified price and proceeds of the sales will go to your fundraising campaign. If you had some donations of imprinted puzzles, you can sell them online.


This is one of the biggest trends that you can take advantage of to give your fundraising a quick boost. When someone makes a donation to your cause, you can give them an opportunity to win imprinted stress relievers and other items. If you can get a business to donate stress relievers with logo in exchange for some good PR, the better. Just make sure that the prize relates to your mission.


Helping feed starving children will always be a noble cause but we will never take the risk because we have jobs and families. But you can still get involved without having to go to a foreign land. You can ask your supporters to do online volunteering and speak on behalf of your nonprofit.


Nonprofits would usually ask people to give time or money but how often do you ask your supporters to donate their individual skills. After all, people would want to use their personal gifts to make a difference in the world. In exchange for donations of shopping bags with logo, your volunteers will exchange their skills to your cause. Maybe they can help pack goodies in imprinted shopping bags or build a website for your cause.


You can also hold an event to raise funds or donations for your cause. One event you can organize is a 5K or 10K marathon. Your presence during the event will go a long way. For instance, giving them free water bottles or imprinted levels at the finish line. When they receive levels with logo, they will remember that they have contributed to your noble cause.

You can be creative when it comes to raising funds for your cause. Promotional products like wind up figures with logo can help boost your nonprofits. Whether they buy or donate imprinted wind up figures, your donors will have a huge part in the success of your nonprofit fundraising.

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