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10 Tips For New Account Generation Using Imprinted Drinkware with Logo

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Generating new accounts is an important business process. Finding prospective new clients is the first step to converting them to customers. Unfortunately, many businesses seem to be ineffective with their new account strategies. 61% of B2B marketers consider generating new accounts as one of their biggest challenge. In addition, Marketing Sherpa revealed that 79% of marketing leads never convert due to lack of nurture.

Successful account generation can work wonders for your business. Your strategy need not be complicated. You can integrate imprinted drinkwares with logo into your accounts generation strategy. Here are some steps on how you can generate new accounts using imprinted drinkwares.


Customer referral is considered as the most underutilized yet effective way of attracting people to your business. When a customer refers a friend or colleague to your business, it means that they are happy doing business with you. Since their friend or relative has given their stamp of approval, the prospect is more likely to buy ceramic mugs with logo. Offer an incentive such as free imprinted ceramic mugs to a customer who refers their friend.


93% of people looking to buy imprinted mugs conduct a Google or Yahoo search first. When somebody searches for a product online, you would want your website to be positioned at the top of the results page to ensure you will get plenty of potential customers. Search engine optimization will strengthen the chances of your business appearing on the top page of search results to be seen by people looking for mugs with logo.


Investing at least 6 hours on social media marketing will result to a 60% increase in new account generation and 78% on website traffic. It only shows the importance of social media in generating new accounts. With social media, people can expect to be able to contact companies directly when buying cups with logo. If you have a question, comment, or feedback about imprinted cups, you can immediately interact with the company where you bought the product.  


The Internet has allowed customers to be more self-sufficient when making a buying decision. It is important for your business to produce top-quality content about imprinted tumblers. Make sure that the post is educational, informative, and relevant to your business and that it meets readers’ expectations and requirements. When producing high quality content about tumblers with logo, do not forget to share it on social media.


Design an appealing and attractive landing page. A poorly thought out one can significantly reduce your lead conversion ratio. Make sure to get it right. Offer something like glasses with logo in exchange for their personal details. Keep your landing page for imprinted glasses simple and clean and make sure that it is optimized for SEO.


Once you have captured the details of a buyer of imprinted water bottles, put it in an automated sequence. Marketing automation can help nurture prospects. Once your prospects are in automated sequence, you can start emailing them. It is still one of the most efficient ways of getting new accounts for water bottles with logo.


Feedback from customers about travel mugs with logo is crucial in your quest to obtain new customers and generating new leads. By looking at how your current customers came on board, you can identify strategies that worked and those that need improvement. Look for improvements but also look for new ways to increase your input in specific areas that are generating customers for imprinted travel mugs.


Make your settings appealing and inviting. More people will be walking in to inquire about imprinted stadium cups if you have an interesting set up. Does your signage and business logo need to be changed? Do you need to revamp your office space? Adding more value to your office will entice more people to buy stadium cups with logo from you.


Going to trade events and speaking to as many people as possible about wipes with logo pays off. Getting out there and mingling with other people can be daunting for some people. It takes a lot of courage and nerves on your part to be able to approach people. But you need to do so if you want to generate new accounts for imprinted wipes.


List yourself as a local business on Google and have your contact details and other relevant information listed on local directories and social media accounts. How can you expect people to come to you to buy imprinted sleep masks if you have incomplete contact information? Make it easy for prospects for sleep masks with logo to get in touch with you.

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