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Ensure Customer Loyalty with Imprinted Personal Products with Logo

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With the difficulty of getting new customers for your business, it is important to keep current customers loyal to your business. So rather than exert effort on gaining new customers, focus your sights on retaining your current customers. Here are some customer loyalty statistics from Loyalty Marketing proving the importance of customer loyalty:

  • 48% of consumers say that the most critical time to gain loyalty is during the first purchase
  • Returning customers spend on average 67% more than first time customers
  • Up to 15% of a business’s most loyal customers represent 55-70% of its total sales
  • 94% of loyalty program members want communications from the programs they participate in
  • Only 31% of Americans find rewards program communications to be extremely relevant

If you do not have a customer incentive program in place in your company yet, there are many tools that can help you get started. Promotional products like personal products with logo offers an affordable customer incentive.


Do you know who your target market for imprinted lighters is? Get to know their demographics like age, gender, income class. Likewise, you should know other details such as what color or design of lighters with logo they prefer.


Picking up from the first tip, you should really do your best to know what is on the mind of your customer. Have then fill out survey forms and make sure that they answer all the questions. For their effort in answering the survey, you can give them free sunglasses with logo. While you need to invest money for your incentive program to be effective, you do not have to spend so much. Imprinted sunglasses are affordable incentives that you can consider.


Once you have identified who your target customers are, make sure that you reward them accordingly. Give them imprinted personal grooming as a reward. Your gesture of giving personal grooming with logo will let them know that you appreciate their loyalty.


Take extra care when giving out rebates to customers as an incentive strategy. There have been several controversies surrounding rebates. If you plan to use rebates to entice customers to buy matches with logo, use a simplified process for customers to redeem their reward. Don’t offer them for purchasing imprinted matches if you do not plan to give it away.


Promotional products are always welcomed by all kinds of customers. Make sure that you give them something useful such as imprinted purses. If you skimp on the cost and design, your incentive strategy could end up backfiring on you. Purses with logo as an incentive program could boost your bottom line.


Discounts will allow your customers to buy wipes with logo without having to pay the full price. Instead of offering them to new shoppers, give discounts to all who are already buying imprinted wipes from your store. You can offer discounts on a monthly basis so they can buy items at a discounted rate.


Shipping the imprinted compact mirror that your customer purchased will entail huge costs on their part. This could discourage them from buying from your store. On the other hand, if you offer free shipping on the compact mirror with logo that they bought, they could end up buying more items from your business.


Adding in some free samples with the items that your customers bought can make them feel appreciated. Treat free lunch bags with logo as a gift to your customers for their loyalty. Giving extra imprinted lunch bags can also be an opportunity for  you to unload outdated items.


Customers are often passionate about the imprinted stickers that they buy and the services they avail. They often leave a passionate or negative feedback based on their experience. Even if the feedback is negative, you should still listen to what they say. If the customer is not satisfied with the stickers with logo they bought, offer them something to change their mind or at least improve their experience.


Customers like the feeling of being part of the business and the brand. This is why customer participation as a loyalty technique always works. You can ask the customers to participate by holding contests. For example, you can ask them to help you come up with a new design for flashdrives with logo. Holding contests can help customers become part of the business while raising awareness to others about imprinted flash drives and your business.

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