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Advice On How To Offer Sales Incentive Using Imprinted Automotive Accessories with Logo

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Sales people deal with a lot of pressure in the workplace. Aside from having a quota, management expects a lot from them. They are expected to deliver as far as productivity is concerned. For this reason, they need to be motivated to perform well. One of the best motivators for your sales team is a sales incentive.

One study by Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) revealed that when offered for the first time for completing a task, incentive programs yielded a 15% increase in performance. In addition, programs that run for more than a year produced an average performance increase of 44%. Harvard Business Review revealed that sales force compensation represents the single largest marketing investment for most B2B companies spending $800 billion on it every year.

Tangible Incentives

Sales people may be driving cars to work or going to their clients. Here are some imprinted automotive accessories with logo that make excellent sales incentives. Imprinted auto accessories can help motivate your sales people to perform well.

Auto Emergency Kits. Some of your agents may be driving cars to work. While on the road, they might experience some emergencies. With imprinted auto emergency kits, they will be ready to deal with any roadside emergency. Auto emergency kits with logo can effectively remind you of how your company values you.

Auto Shades. Auto shades with logo are placed on the windshield of your car to protect it from getting hot. Imprinted auto shades also help reduce the temperature inside it.

Air Fresheners. Nowadays, we cannot be sure of the quality of air in the atmosphere. The air coming from outdoors can easily get inside your car. This is where imprinted air fresheners come in. Air fresheners with logo not only eliminate bad odor but also emit pleasant smell.

Car Accessories. We all love accessorizing our cars. This is where we can count on car accessories with logo can come in. Imprinted car accessories can help enhance the appeal and value of cars.

Car Chargers.  When there is not enough juice on your device, imprinted car chargers can be used to add more juice while you are on the road. Car chargers with logo use the car’s cigarette slot to charge your device.


Dinner with Executives. Take advantage of the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with one of your executives. You can have the undivided attention of the executive so take the time to get some advice from them.  Who knows they might give you car flags with logo as a souvenir from the special event. When you receive imprinted car flags, you will be motivated to get back on the floor again and follow the advice of the executive.

Time Off.  After working their butts off, your reps deserve an extra day off. The time off will give them energy when they come back. You can send them off with imprinted tire gauges for a safe travel. Tire gauges with logo will ensure that they will come back fully recharged.

Group Outing. A group incentive will have the team working together to achieve a larger goal. You can put agents that are geographically close to one another in one group. To add some competitive fun, you can give out stadium cushions with logo as a prize. The event will give the additional benefit of the team getting together to celebrate with the imprinted stadium cushion.


These are just a few ideas on how you can add some fun on the sales floor using sales incentives. At the end of the day, however, the best incentives are the ones that your reps aspire for the most. Make sure that your contests are related to your team. Give out imprinted decals and other prizes that they want. Do this and you are sure to get the desired results you are looking for.

Along with decals with logo and the experience incentives, do not forget to acknowledge and appreciate your agents for the great job they are doing. Giving them a pat on the back and verbally acknowledging their good work in front of their peers can go a long way in keeping them motivated with their work.

When it comes to sales incentives, you do not have to spend a fortune to hand them out. Promotional products like licensed plates with logo are excellent incentives that your agents will surely appreciate. Whenever they see imprinted licensed plates, your agents will see how much you value them.

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