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Advice On Corporate Community Involvement Using Imprinted Travel Accessories with Logo

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Customers want more from the brands they are supporting. According to a recent study by Weber Shandwick/KRC Research Study, 46 percent of customers “increasingly buy from companies that make them feel good and happy.” For millennials, nothing is more important to them than working in a company that gives back to society. Community involvement does not have to be costly on your part. Promotional products like imprinted travel accessories can help you become involved in your community. If you are still not convinced that being socially responsible is important, consider the following reasons you should consider corporate social responsibility using imprinted travel accessories with logo.

Giving back is good for PR, social media, and SEO. When you participate in charitable events, donate travel cases with logo, or create your own event, your business gets positive media coverage. On the side of SEO, a mention of your business will increase your website’s authority. The more links your site gets, the more authority it gains. On the social front, when you share your donation of imprinted travel cases on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other channels, it increases the likelihood of your followers sharing your posts.

Consumers may spend more on your products and services. According to a Nielsen study, at least 55 percent of global online consumers will most likely buy travel pillows with logo from you if you are socially responsible. Offering imprinted travel pillows will provide you with an opportunity for meaningful impact in your community.

Save money on employee retention. Just as consumers will feel good about companies where they buy imprinted luggage bags, employees will also feel good about working in a socially responsible company. The better employees feel about your good deed of offering luggage bags with logo, the better the chances they will stick around in your company.

After identifying the reasons for considering corporate social responsibility and you are now ready to create a corporate social responsibility strategy, here are the steps to get started:  


Look at your community and see what’s important. Does the school or animal shelter foundation need donations of luggage tags with logo? You can host an event for these causes from which proceeds will go to a community organization needing donations of imprinted luggage tags. Building community relationships starts by making genuine connections with your customers and searching for ways you can contribute.


By involving employees in your donation of imprinted toiletry bags, you help boost their morale and also build a collaborative and inspired team.   Give your employees an opportunity to volunteer and donate toiletry bags with logo during their work hours or participate in get-togethers after work which can be more fulfilling than just meeting for drinks.


Evaluate the strength of your business and employees and select volunteer activities that draw upon these strengths. If you own a beach, you can teach lifeguarding skills and hand out binoculars with logo. Who knows? This might open up opportunities for you to open up a life guard school and increase your revenue. Decide how much time your employee will spend donating imprinted binoculars.


Once you have a volunteer strategy in place, let current and prospective customers know what you will do by including their information on your website. You can put a dollar equivalent to the number of hours your employees donated imprinted wallets to the community. Giving back to the community does not decrease your profits. Donating wallets with logo actually helps increase your bottom line.


Here are some recommendations for events you can use for community involvement:

Sponsor a sports team. Sports can unite a community. You also use it to support young athletes by giving them t-shirts with logo. Sponsoring their uniform by giving them imprinted t-shirts can make a difference for the players and the community.

Support local charity. Donate imprinted poker chips or a portion of your profit to a charity that is important to the community or volunteer to an organization. You can also consider being a drop-off location for donations of poker chips with logo for local charity.

Host community meetings. Local groups often need places that they can use for packing phone cases with logo for their upcoming event. You can offer your conference room or the back of your store for packing imprinted phone cases.

Give your company a chance to make a difference in the community by giving back to charity. It will result to your employees becoming happy and satisfied with your organization.

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