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Custom Adult Pens

Low-priced Customized Adult Pens Imprinted with your Logo for your next event. You're here for quality. It's not always easy, So we take it seriously.


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Quality Imprinted Adult Pens with Logo

In the light of technological advancements, adult pens with logos can come in handy. This writing instrument can be used for signing checks, contracts, or for emergency notes. Adult pens can be carried around on bags, purses, or even in the pocket. Imprinted adult pens are a good substitute for colored pencils and have different styles and colors to choose from.

Different Types of Adult Pens

Modern adult pens can be categorized according to the kind of writing tip or point on the pen:

Ballpoint Pen. A ballpoint pen dispenses an oil-base dink by rolling a small hard sphere usually 0.5-1.2 mm and made of brass, steel, or tungsten carbide.

Rollerball Pen. A rollerball pen dispenses a water-based liquid or gel ink through a ball similar to that of a ballpoint pen.

Fountain Pen. A fountain pen uses water-based liquid ink delivered through a nib.

Felt-tip Pen. Felt-tip pen or marker has a porous tip of fibrous material. The smallest finest-tipped felt-tip pens are used for writing on paper.

These pens are no longer in use in today�s time:

Dip Pens consist of metal nibs with capillary channels mounted on a handle or holder often made of wood.

Ink Brush is the traditional writing implement in East Asian calligraphy. The body of the brush can be made from either bamboo or rarer materials.

Quill is a pen made from a flight feather of a large bird, most often a goose.

Adult Pens for Advertising

In the light of the traditional mediums of advertising becoming more expensive than before, quality imprinted adult pens offer a more affordable option. Compared to the traditional mediums of advertising, they only require a minimal investment on your part. They cost less than what you will spend on billboards or newspaper advertisements.

Marketing with Adult Pens

Logoed adult pens will be appealing to people of all ages. They will be used for signing checks, contracts, and other documents. This pen set can also be used for recreational activities such as coloring their adult coloring books. Custom adult pens make an excellent souvenir during back-to-school promos or fundraising campaigns. They are excellent gifts to students and employees. Customized adult pens are the perfect giveaway during corporate events or as a trade show freebie.

Benefits of Marketing with Adult Pens

Adult pens with logos will serve as a walking advertisement. They will carry your logo around whenever people use them in the school, office, or when on the go. Customized adult pens will be used on a daily basis so you can look forward to continuous exposure of your brand. Whenever people use them, they will see your logo and easily remember it. They are affordable as an advertising medium saving your business thousands of dollars. The money you will save can be allocated to other aspects of your business.

Logo Friendly Advertising

Custom printed adult pens can be customized to suit your marketing specifications. Quality imprinted adult pens provide a wide imprint area for adding your company logo or slogan. They come in different varieties to choose from. Don�t have a logo yet? Our creative team can help design the perfect logo for your branding.

Quality You Can Count On

We are driven by our desire to offer quality products and excellent service. Our adult pens are made from the finest ingredient so you can count on lasting use. When ordering custom logoed adult pens from us, you can look forward to getting top notched customer service. You get to see for yourself why we were rated 5-star for customer service in TrustPilot. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your 100% satisfaction. Got any concerns? Our account managers can address any issues you may have.

Fast and Easy Ordering

Ordering personalized adult pens from us can be pretty straightforward. We offer free quotes, samples, and mock-ups for your approval before we finalize. We give importance to meeting deadlines so you can look forward to on-time shipment of your order.

Are you ready to give your brand the boost that it needs? At QualityImprint, we have a wide range of adult pens to choose from so choose the right one that will truly represent your brand to potential customers. Call our toll free hotline at 888-377-9339 or email us at So what are you waiting for? Place your orders now and give your brand the boost it needs.



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