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What Businesses Need to Know About Promotional Frisbees and Flying Discs


Promotional frisbees and flying discs are helpful items for businesses to promote their brands. They are relatively inexpensive, customizable, and entertaining - all good qualities for promotional items. But who should businesses target with these products? 

When targeting customers for purchasing promotional frisbees and flying discs, a wide range of potential customer types can be targeted. Some of the most significant potential customers include:

Schools – Schools often use promotional frisbees or flying discs as giveaways at sporting events or festivals. School teams would also appreciate logos embossed on them.

Corporations – Large corporations often purchase bulk orders of promotional frisbees and flying discs to hand them out at corporate events or summits. These events typically have many attendees who can benefit from these products.

Government Agencies – Local, state, and federal government agencies use promotional products like frisbees and flying discs for giveaways at public events such as 4th of July parades or other large-scale community events.

Nonprofits – Nonprofits are always looking for ways to market their cause or fundraise effectively, so having logo-branded frisbees or flying discs can help them reach out to potential donors or supporters more easily.


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The primary benefit of promotional flying discs and frisbees is their affordability. Many companies opt for more expensive giveaway items such as pens or shirts but do not realize just how affordable an option custom-printed frisbees & flying discs can be - even in bulk orders! Additionally, these giveaways tend to stay around longer than other disposable items as they are more durable thanks to lightweight but strong materials like plastic or PVC. Their durability means recipients will get much more use out of the product they receive rather than simply discarding it after one use (i.e., pens). Finally, they are highly customizable which allows companies the opportunity to design cute colors, funny shapes, embossed logos - you name it!

For businesses looking for cheap yet effective promotional items that grab people's attention in a memorable way, custom-printed frisbees and flying discs could be perfect choices!

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